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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wordy Father In Law, To Therapy Or Not To Therapy?

Having an interesting issue with the father in law involving his word choices. The family has him under a microscope since the mother in law passed, poor guy. Trying to show them this has very little to do with his advancing age, 87, he's always been this way! Example, he referred one time to an electronic, colored, traffic control device, a traffic light to most. He also was an engineer, that means he over thinks, over asks, and over plans. Told him once I was going to get a new toilet in the hall bathroom. He said, the hall bathroom, which one do you mean when you say the hall bathroom? I said Mr Jack, we have 3 bathrooms, one in the bedroom, one in the hall upstairs, and one in the basement. If you were to take a wild guess, which one do you think I mean? Doesn't matter to me one way or the other, we get along great, but they have him questioning himself now.

Not having a great experience with physical therapy here at home. Two main issues, my body went into full revolt with the simple exercises and she has canceled 75% of the time. I've decided to push through with the therapy, I'm in really bad shape, how much worse can it get, right? The other problem is how do I get the therapist to keep the appointment, or show up on time? The occupational therapist was due her at 4 today, said she would call when she was on her way. I took a shower at noon, yep, that's when she came, and didn't ring the bell. I'll fix scheduling issues when  I take over the world.


Webster said...

I haven't had any home PT appointments yet, but arriving at noon for a 4 o'clock appointment is simply unprofessional and unacceptable. She must be punished!! Where are those stocks when you need them?

awb said...

Webster - My thoughts exactly! Can you find a good flogger in the yellow pages?


Webster said...

Not sure; you might want to try Craig's list.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

PT at home, can be nice but also a pain...scheduling. Hope your Father in law does ok, I feel for him after losing his wife

awb said...

Webster - What can't you do with an internet connection today?

Kim - It's a huge pain, I am at their mercy.