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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Talent Auction At Church, The Wife's Pretzels Were A Hit

Church had a talent auction tonight, had a great time. The wife donated a couple of plates of her chocolate covered pretzels, went for $100! I figure I ate about 30 bucks worth this afternoon? Had a great meal, got to spend the evening with in-laws, and got out amongst the humans for a few hours. I didn't bid on anything, figured the wife would take care of that for the both of us. It looked like the event was a success, nice size crowd, people were spending their money, good times.


Beth said...

great seeing you and your lovely wife as well, Andy. We did raise a fair decent amount of money at that auction...and since I was told tonight that the hand mic in the Sanctuary is on the fritz, we may be spending the money sooner than we had hoped...oh well. We should do lunch again soon..

awb said...

Beth - Good to see you guys too, I eat lunch everyday!!!