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Monday, November 22, 2010

New Bed, and MS Cleaning a Real Chore

Getting a new bed on Wednesday, didn't realize how bad the old one was until I stripped the sheets the other day. Oh I knew it was broken, and it sagged horribly on my side, and it was uncomfortable, but it has a hold in it and a spring is sticking up through! I cleaned the bedroom top to bottom today so that when the delivery dudes come everything is ready to go. Sears had a sale that was so good we almost bought 2! It better be comfortable, I almost killed myself cleaning the room, not that much stamina left in the tank anymore. I miss being able to go all day, get tons of stuff done every time I decided to do so. I hated cleaning up when I could, now I'd like to do it everyday but can't.


Anne said...

Imagine how good your back will feel after a month of sleeping on a decent (new) mattress.

I look forward to an update on the new bed and how it has helped your back pain.

Good Luck,

Muffie said...

Hope the new bed brings you some comfort. Unlike you, I used to love cleaning. Now, I just can't do that much, and it drives me crazy!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yay for cleaning, do know the feeling of cleaning. I do it a little at a time? Hope you can sleep good...

awb said...

Anne - I can't wait, had the wrong day, it's next Wednesday!

Muff - Cleaning was something I did when I was in trouble.

Kim - Thank goodness for people that like to clean, makes it possible to have people like me.