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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aquaponics In The Basement Or The Backyard?

Found a cool site about backyard aquaponics, shows you how to do it with either a fish tank or food grade 55 gallon barrels. Another is a video about a system to use in your basement, yeah, fish in your basement! I've got to try one, probably the one in my basement, haven't told the wife yet, but I'm sure she'll be as excited as I am. Now what kind of fish do I want, smoked trout, fried catfish, or broiled Tilapia? There's a house that has been empty for a while up the street that has a cool little greenhouse, may need to figure out how to acquire that for future use? Tomatoes and salad all year long with a little fish, sounds like a plan to me.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I love an aquarium, but in basement?? cannot advise on that

awb said...

Kim - My mind is made up, so let it be written, so let it be done! My resolve is steely, and I will be doing it in the shed. Yes, that means she told me to not even think about doing it in the basement!