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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No More Physical Therapy For My MS, A Waste Of Time

Went to physical therapy today, did my part, they did theirs, then I told them I wouldn't be coming back. Here's the thing, I'm looking for exercises to help me stay limber and fit, they were experimenting with what to do. Had a student therapist today, she thought maybe some time on the hand bike would help, told her I wasn't there for occupational therapy, only for my back and legs. She thought the gentle side to side action wold help loosen my back up, CHECK! I asked for the exercises to do from home, they gave me a list, almost as big a waste as gym in school!


Muffie said...

I did the same thing, Andy. PT and OT were just tiring me out, and I saw no improvement with the MS issues. So, I just said I'd do it at home -- I didn't.

awb said...

Muff - I'm going to do them, but let me do it from home, they have mirrors everywhere!


zoomdoggies said...

At one point I was pretty close to having a frozen shoulder, and let me tell you, that hurts! I got a set of range of motion exercises from my physical therapist, and we do them. I can be taught.

OT has been hit or miss. They pointed me to a couple of adaptations that have made a real difference, but a lot of it was just flailing.

Beth said...

Andy, what are you talking about....I didn't think you WENT to gym class while we were in school! LOL I am sorry that the pt wasn't the answer, but I am glad that you are still gonna be doing some of the exercises at home. We need to keep what we have moving as long as we possibly can. BTW, if you are going to the Potluck after Church on Sunday, my hubby will be there as well.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I do understand the feeling, PT seeming like it does not work. I am still trying?? at home

awb said...

Zoom - It sounds painful, have to make sure I don't have one of those!

Beth - It English class what I had no good for. We both will be there, can we bring anything? HA!

Kim - Like so many things here, I exaggerate. I'm all for the exercise, it's the 6 visits I mind and send me home. Give me the stuff to do and send me home day one, save the 25 miles and the copay.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy:

I went the PT/OT route and quit very soon after starting as I saw it useless to me and profitable to them.

I agree, you can get more out of daily routines/chores than you can get out of their PT/OT. If you do chores, that is.

As a former medical professional, I can tell you that the best exercise for body and brain is walking. Walking (semi-briskly) outside on flat surface (no upgrades/downgrades - I walk in the street after the school buses are gone) and after you build up some momentum, swing arms slightly.

Does wonders for back, legs, arms, shoulders, and BRAIN. With or without a walking companion (human or beast).

When the weather changes in spring, you could implement a walking routine (3 days/week to start, then daily)and within a month you will see a difference.

Medicate with Aleve, ibuprofen or analgesic of choice at least ONE HOUR before you go out, so when you stop walking, it doesn't hurt so bad.

For me, it only hurts alot when I stop. For others, it hurts while doing.

Either way, medicate first and it won't hurt so bad.

In winter or cold weather, Hubby uses those ThermaCare heat pads from Walgreens that are good for 8 hours and he can walk a good 2 miles pain free. Think about that as a remedy if you don't want to add another pill to your collection.

I'm off to Brigantine for the month of November (rented a beach house) to finish my book which is due to editor by Dec 31 and I expect to have it to her by 2nd week of Dec.

And of course, I can't resist walking their beach and bulkhead for exercise every day.

Have a great holiday.


Herrad said...

BHi Andy,
Good luck doing tour exercises, I am lucky my pysio comes to my home and I think it is well worth it to do stretchiung exercises with her and het regular arm and nech massages which are so good.

Beth said...

Hey Andy, I think that it really won't matter what you bring to the Potluck...I say the easier the better. I am gonnna send John with a 50 count of munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.. LOL.

awb said...

Anne - All of a sudden out to the car is a task, a little discouraged.

Herrad - The exercise bike is my big hope, we shall see?

Beth - Is it donuts and cake, or food? I want to bring the right thing,not like the time I brought a 10 pin ball to a duckpin alley!



Diane J Standiford said...

I'm with ya Angy. They all seem to come str8 from K-Mart.

Beth said...

Andy, we are Methodists...we eat ANYTHING...but you are right, I think it is supposed to be a luncheon so they are probably looking for some real food. But don't go to too much trouble, see comment at the beginning of this response...we really will eat ANYTHING! (maybe I will have to come to the meeting too, just so I can see you and your lovely wife.)

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