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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is Interferon Beta-1b For Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?

Having a hard time figuring out if Novantrone is the same as Interferon beta-1b? I see on the National MS page they're not, but I thought I took them all. Beta-1b says it's for SPMS, I think? Has anyone been told it's for SPMS? I can see I need to get back on top of my terms and figure out what I have again, it's the only to be informed enough to ask questions. For now I'm off to have another MRI, thoracic spine this time.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I do not know, but did hear on conference call that new oral drug, may help progressive MS. It is in 3rd stage of trials...I am not sure??

Diane J Standiford said...

beta-1b? Never heard of it, but Novantrone is a chemo drug that has been around for awhile, they wanted to put me on it 4 years ago, I said, "If I can oly be on it for 2 years what happens after 2 years?" Neuro goes, "You go back on Copaxone." HUH??!! PLEZZZZ She also told me I was SOMS and would now "dwindle" I did not dwindle, did NOT go on Novantrone (though several MSers did to serious side efeccts and all quit b4 two years), your decision, but I think Novantrone is an irresonsible offer from a doctor. They have nothing to give you and N will make you feel better (MAYBE) for a few months until the placebo effect wears off. MY OPINION. Andy, they have NOTHING for us or any other person with MS who has gone into the later stages. Even their prized DMDs only say they "may slow the progression" but the MS parade rolls on over time...for most people. Dealing with symptoms is your best option. AGAIN--JUST MY OPINION. (Though no one has proven me wrong yet and I keep asking...)

awb said...

Kim - be interested in knowing how that goes, like pills better than needles.

Diane - I did the chemo thing, wasn't very impressed, and don't know why I put that name, Novantrone, must of had a fit? Betaseron is interferon beta-1b.

I agree, it's grit my teeth time, use the exercise bike, don't put folded clothes on it! I was told as a child that if I was nice to everyone I'd see benefits, BAHHH!