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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Political Ads and Maryland Politics

Who gets my first email about all the political ads on TV? I wanted to get rid of cable, just go with analog, but I lost a family vote, curses! Kind of glad I lost, network TV is one long political ad, and I think they are all lying. One candidate is running on their accomplishments, Barbara Milkulski, but she's been in office for 100 years, running against a guy that made a commercial that looked like the show crocodile hunter. Eric Wargotz said he considers himself a "constitutional conservative" and an "Old Testament kind of guy."

OK, what's the big difference, is this the change having to do with how much money can be donated? That needs to be changed tomorrow if this is the result. I've seen the one gubernatorial ad at lest 15 times today, and I don't watch anything during the day, and that's not the only one I've seen. All of them are contradicting each other, someone is lying! WBAL says Kratovil changed his ad, told the truth, kind of, lies of omission, I wouldn't know, neither Harris or Kratovil have returned my emails. Don't forget there are 2 other people running, Libertarian Dr Richard Davis, and Independent Jack Wilson.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree with the political ads!

awb said...

Kim - The local news announced a whole new group of ads were just released, oh yip!