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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boy Bowls 2 800 Series In One Day, and Weight Reaching Critical Mass

The boy had a great day bowling today, was in 2 different leagues. We got a message as we were leaving church, he bowled another 800 series this morning, a 816. We sent him a text, you don't talk to your kids anymore, you text, told him how proud we were. Came home ate lunch, watched the Ravens play, go Ravens! The boy called a few hours later, he did it again, a 805! 2 800+ series in one day, he is the man.

Been having oogy feelings lately, feel kind of like I'm going to pass out, get real flushed, turn blood red, blood pressure soars. I need to do something, I know it, but it's gotten so hard to do, losing weight is no fun. I'm a big guy, always have been, but I'm too big, have to drop some tonnage. Have to start pushing myself away from the table, sitting on my exercise bike and watch the news, something. Always thought I'd get shot by a jealous husband on my 100th birthday, not explode in my chair before my 50th.

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Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Take care, hope you lose weight successfully.
Eat nothing fatty, eat fresh veg and fruit.
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