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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Celebration, Acupuncture, and Attitude Adjustment

Had a great Labor day, didn't get the pool closed, do it tomorrow I guess. The wife's family was here, always a good time. The wife put on her usual spread, everyone was stuffed. Nice day, as long as the breeze was a blowin, and you didn't have to move. I went out to plug the wheelchair in, still in the shed, was soaking wet by the time I got finished! Noting worse than a cool, humid day, with the exception of a hot one, I'm moving to the arctic.

Had acupuncture session #2, feel great right now, wonder how long it will last? The puncture dude did his thing, had the fountain right by my head, soft sounds of nature playing in the background, and a heat lamp to make the room nice and toasty. The plan was to let me rest a bit, come back in and apply some vacuum cup thingies. He came back in and was very concerned, wanted to know if I was OK? I asked why and he said I was soaking wet, he couldn't figure out why? I told him it was warming light he had me laying under, kind of like a burger at Bob's Big Boy! We agreed to skip the warming light next time.

Have a fella coming to trim everything outside, put that nice crisp edge on the sidewalks, along the flower beds. The boy hasn't mastered the fine art of the trimmer yet, and isn't very interested in doing so. Both kids are suddenly lacking in some of the domestic skills I need help with, we are going to address that in the upcoming days. I'm sure they feel that at 22 and 18 they are adults and don't necessarily have to listen to me, and I suppose they are right. I also suppose I could have the locks changed at any moment, so we shall see how this shakes out.

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