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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Fall, MS and Tripping, and Sump Pump Hell

Years from now, when the dust all settles, and people have resumed their regular daily grinds, locals will remember the events of 12 August, 2010 simply as "The Fall". You may not remember the day, where you were, what you were doing, but I will, see, I'm the "Faller". Sounded like someone felled a bull moose, house shook the same too. People around these parts don't always say exercise is good for you, especially when you trip over a recumbent exercise bike at 3 in the AM. I now know what it's like to fly!

On the serious side of this, almost broke my ass in the middle of the night. Tripped over that damn bike that somebody moved so it wouldn't be in the way! Tore the right most 2 toes off my foot on the bike, as I launched myself forward I thought, not the glass top coffee table, then not the secretary, then lastly, Lord, not the floor. I fell with all the grace and agility one would expect from a guy with my physical problems, stature, and luck! Thought I broke both arms, lay there for a bit, laughed, cried, and thought, this was because of the bike, right?

I was up at that crazy hour because I was scared, scarred, afraid to go to bed. We had a lot of rain last night, the sump pump didn't work properly, it wasn't shutting off, and it wasn't pumping water. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's a problem? Not long ago I asked a guy to take a look at it to see if the screen was clogged and he told me they don't have screens, he looked at it and said it was fine. Like the moron I am, I said OK, and did nothing. So last night as the well filled I'd lay on the floor, reach in and wipe the mud and goop off of that screen that didn't exist and the pump would drain that well in nothing flat.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Wow, do you keep tripping...part of MS, I guess.
Sorry for the sump pump stuff...

awb said...

Kim - I'm so excited, this was a regular folk fall! I know. I stepped back on the leg of the bike, in the dark, this is great! Mary Lou Retton couldn't of save that dismount!


Muffie said...

Andy, you are NOT a stunt man, so you must stop all this fooling around!! Sorry about your fall -- hope you're not too bruised.

awb said...

Muffie - It wasn't my plan, I was looking out to see if I could see the hemorrhoid shower last night.