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Monday, June 14, 2010

Karaoke Night, Sports on TV, and Leg Cramps Worsen

Me and the wife went to a karaoke bar tonight, just had the urge to belt out a few classics. OK, didn't go to sing, we went to support a neighbor who took up karaoke to help him ease the passing of his wife. Today they were married 47 years, so it was a tough day for him. Because it was so important to him, I didn't crack on any of the people there, but boy could I have! The big thing tonight, we were there for someone who is a friend.

I get my daily dose of sports when the boy gets home. If it were up to me, I'd get rid of all the TV's, save one for special occasions, and definitely no cable. I even called a family meeting the other day, took a vote...I lost 3 to 1! I loved sports when I was a kid, played everything except jai alai I think. Doesn't hold as much for me, I have change, a lot over the years. I think they could do away with most pro sports, spoiled brats for the most part. Only one thing changes my mind in any of this, that 30 minutes a night I get, one on one with my 18 year old son. OK, the TV can stay.

Leg cramps have really been bad lately, don't think it's because I'm doing anything different. Used the wheelchair twice, once at graduation, once construction material shopping with a friend. The shopping was done at a warehouse, wouldn't have been able to go without it, so it was a good decision. I need to start doing my physical therapy exercises again, that usually helps with the cramps. I think the cramps are the reason the legs are hurting so much during the day? We do what we need to, just wish it wasn't always on my mind, and it is, always!


Libby said...

andy, i'm sorry about your leg cramps...they suck more than anybody could imagine!

awb said...

Libby- They really do, you'd think I'd be used to them by now?


Herrad said...

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