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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Shining in Baltimore, Winter Mobility, and the Girl Wants a Dog

REDRUM! I feel like I'm living in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. If the boy starts typing a book, I'm leaving. He has been snowed in, we've all been, and he is climbing the walls. He went out and shoveled a majority of the neighborhood, helping out some of the other folks on the street. The bowling alley is still closed, and we are getting another 20 inches, starting tomorrow. I may have to sedate him, don't want to, but it's for his own good.

I didn't do any of the shoveling this storm, something I love to do. We had about 30 inches, getting 20 more, man I would be in heaven! Problem is I can't walk in deep snow, or snow period anymore, too afraid of falling. I used to be a fearless Viking, now I'm just a wuss. I don't like the place I find myself, the things I'm missing, or the things I'm watching. The only bright spot is, the wife looked beautiful out in the snow.

The girl wants a dog, oh my. Like I've said before, I am not a pet person. I told her she can have a dog, she can open a kennel ... someday. One of the neighbors brought over their new puppy, a little white rag, about the size of a child's shoe. The girl moped around all evening, I told her she could have a hermit crab, or a ant farm. I will stand my ground, put my foot down, and demand my voice be heard. I'll also let you know what we get.


Lisa Emrich said...

We're not quite at the REDRUM stage. But then again, there aren't teens in the house. I have 3 feet of snow covering my very long driveway right now. We received at least 2 feet of snow but my driveway is perfect for collecting drifts.

I can't believe another 12-18 is supposed to hit. Ack!! But I'm very thankful that power and heat have stayed on. Hang in there.

Slammermike said...
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Slammermike said...

I know what you mean about clearing snow. I enjoy it too, but can't do it this year. All this snow and I can't go out & play. It is like being a member of the Saints or Colts and being injured and told you couldn't play in the super bowl. No fun watching.
I would think the bowling alley would need someone to check on the place and make sure it is heated and still in working order. I bet he would volunteer to shovel a path to the lanes and give all lanes a function test.

awb said...

Lisa - I can't complain, they've been great, though I thought the wife was going to cry when she saw the snow alert.

Slammer - It's not fair to love something most despise, and have to watch as they do it, rather begrudgingly. I may have to prepare a rather stern letter to management?

zoomdoggies said...

Andy, you're right. It's not fair to love something most despise, and have to watch as they get to do it -- whether it be shoveling snow or playing old-timey music. A stern letter to somebody is definitely in order.

Have you got the new dog yet?

Anonymous said...

doggie! Doggie!!! DOGGIE!!!!!!

your loving daughter

awb said...

Zoom - no dog yet, and management will be hearing from me.

Girl - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


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