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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Record Snows in Baltimore

Just a bit of snow here in Baltimore, closing in on a record, more to come Tuesday. This was always my favorite, just to be out in it. It's not anymore. I can't move around, lift my right leg enough, at all really, so it's not fun at all. The gang was out to shovel, I even miss that, everyone out, talking. I'm moving to the keys, looking for a grass hut, like the one Gilligan had.


mdmhvonpa said...

You got a touch more than us up here in PA.

awb said...

We are only 2 inches off the yearly record, go MD!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Andy,

I know how you feel. Here in New England there isn't even a snowflake, but I've been following my son's "Snowmegeddon" stories on Facebook. He lives near the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and has been "reporting" from the "trenches" on Facebook. I think he's doing it for me--posting incredible snapshots like yours from his iPhone of the "destruction," with fun captions. I wish I was there but like you, I wouldn't be able to join in. Don't lament over what you CAN'T do; just enjoy what you CAN. It makes it a whole lot easier to accept.


awb said...

Linda - I'm trying to come to grips with switching over from the ms changing the way I did things, to the ms preventing me from doing them at all. I thought the first part was tough! There were a bazillion people walking around downtown on the news, looked like fun.