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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HSA Help On Hold, Feet of Snow Coming, and Leg Cramps and Exercise

The family snapped to under pressure, they always do when needed. I feel bad, I think my pissing and moaning about the HSA testing was misinterpreted as we need to do something now! The parents were all over it like my ex-wife on cake! (I don't have an ex-wife, but it seemed safer tan putting a real name to it!) The help is greatly appreciated, but we decided not yet.

Looks like we may get pounded this weekend with more snow, they are talking feet. A friend in MN asked if we have gotten a lot of snow, I owe her an email by the way, and when I answer, I will have to say yes. We are just to snow time now, and my minions have already shoveled like crazy. This storm coming is going to be a good one, the kind I used to like to sit out in. Have to make sure I have dry wood, a good seat, and plenty to read.

Left foot cramps are killing me! The leg cramps so badly, it hurts my knee. This isn't really noteworthy, but this is what happened on the right side, about 8 years ago, and look how that's worked out! Going tomorrow to get another spinal injection, going to ask if riding a recumbent bike would kill me? I really think that if I can get a little exercise that maybe my legs would feel better,and my heart won't fall out!


Slammermike said...

So are you getting ready to ride a shower curtain?

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes those cramps are painful, took meds but they had side effects. So now cut back on meds and trying to learn to live with it. Let us know if the exercise works!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baltimore, thanks for stealing our snow this winter. I appreciate it! Hunker down and have fun. No need to return it any time soon.

Ouch! I don't have MS (I have another fun, autoimmune disease) but I know how bad those foot cramps can be. Can't say as I have a cure...the doctors just look at me and shrug when I mention it. Someone said it had to do with dehydration but with your other issue...well, drinking more water probably isn't something you'd want to do. (sigh)

It never ends, does it.


awb said...

Slammer - The shower curtain as a toboggan should have worked!

Kim - I shouldn't have put the exercise thing on, now everyone will know what a slug I am when I don't do it!