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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grasmick's Joke, Another Snowy Day, and Flomax vs. DDAVP

I am in full blown Poppa bear mode, protecting his cub. This damn high school assessment test is one of the biggest farces I have seen in years. The students can pass all of their academic classes, but if they don't pass the HSA, they can't graduate. We have a child that has difficulties taking tests, so we find ourselves at odds with the school board. We are looking into other options from the bridge plans that can be completed in place of passing the test. This is like cruel and unusual punishment for kids that are have a tough time. Got the father involved, he still has mojo with the school board.

Snowing to beat the band here, the girls morning class already canceled, got an email from Bob, the literary professor. What happened to the days of schlepping down to the school, only to find out the teacher blew it off. No word on the boy's school yet, they are always one of the last districts to make the call. The boy needs to introduce himself to Mr shovel tomorrow, not the wife. I just hope they can shovel quietly, I'll be sleeping in the morning.

Started Flomax last night, I think the name says it all? That must have been a fun meeting, coming up with that name. I'm the opposite of the tv ad, mine is a going problem, not a growing problem. The doctor made sure of that, she lost 2 rings and a rather bulky bracelet, but got them back the next morning! Worried about all the warnings with flomax, don't want a new problem because I was tired of going to the bathroom nonstop. I may ask about DDAVP tablets, shuts you kidneys down for the night, letting you get a good nights sleep. We shall see, and we'll see fast.


CMM said...

That's ridiculous, why bother giving grades in all those classes, if passing them doesn't mean you pass?

awb said...

Chris - We are just riding the wave until he is finished. Can't wait!