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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Girls Working Together, Bamboozled At Doctors Office, and Bank Telling Me I'm Late, I'm Not Late, You Were Slow

The girls are going tomorrow to teach rollerskating, together. The head teacher just had a baby, so the girl is stepping up in her stead, the wife is the girls helper, oh my! The wife is a rollerskating goddess in these parts, the girl is gaining fast.I sure hope their styles match up or this could be a strained atmosphere around here. I'm thinking of going on a road trip to avoid any tensions here.

I was in the "recovery" room at the spine doctors yesterday, done been slice and diced, just waiting for the OK to head out. This young girl came in, started to explain how my new tens stimulator worked, put this here, this is up, this is down, and this is off. BOOM! She jumped into the back brace I need to wear, but I stopped her there, said one thing at a time. I didn't want the wife's co-workers to know my measurements. Funny thing is the doctor didn't mention either of these things? I think I got caught in a shell game, the girl is there to sell these things. I need to find out if I need this, or if I looked like one of those Bugs Bunny skits where he looked like giant Suckers!

Pay bills electronically, we love it, works for us. Got a notice in the mail today, said we were late on our mortgage, and that a hefty fee was being assessed. I checked my records, got my confirmation number, call the bank. They explained to me that when I submitted my payment on 2/7/10, it was delivered by 2/10/10. My payment is due between the 1st and the 15th. OK, done, except it snowed and they were closed. They didn't open the payment until 2/17/10, 2 days late. She waived the late fee, suggested I pay more attention to when I mail things. I chose not to tell her to bite me, but promised I would mark my calender when blizzards are predicted, and she may be off.


Slammermike said...

Don't you just love businesses like that?

You should have told them that you risked your life to go out into the teeth of the storm to get to their business and much to your dismay they were closed. You then had to trudge back to your home risking life & limb in a valiant attempt to pay the mortgage in a timely manner.

awb said...

Bite me works best for me.

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

And by the way - the girl and I did a great job together. I have to say that she really is a "chip off the old block" or maybe better "a wheel off the old axel"!! I'm killing myself!!

日月神教-向左使 said...