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Friday, January 22, 2010

Spinal Success, Girl Set At University of Baltimore, and Backyard Safari Continues

I can dance and sing, hop and skip, the injection was a success! Now I don't know if it will last, but it's fun for right, ride it while it lasts. I was able to bend over and wash my legs in the shower today, without whimpering like a little wuss. I think I can go every two weeks for two more shots, and I will. In and out of the chair is no longer a pay per view event. Going outside tomorrow to look around, feel the sun on my face instead of the back of my neck.

The girl and her mother went down to the university of Baltimore, met with the academic adviser, registered for all the classes, took a tour, saw where to park, where the light rail stop was, and a good place to eat. She was positively giddy, this is so right for her, we are looking forward to what she does. She went from Political Science, to being an English major, now she's happy, and that's what life is all about, making the girl happy.

Caught 2 of the cat pride, first 2 nights, 3 Siamese cats left. They will go look at the cage, smell the cat food, but won't enter. I'm thinking of adding mood music, candles, anything I can do to get them in. What was the Disney film with the sneaky Siamese cats in it? These things scare me, always looking at me, always talking about me, they must go. I'm thinking of digging a Burmese tiger trap i the back yard, the wife thinks that a wee bit much, but then they are talking about her!