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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Spinal Injection, Weak Legs, and Perry Hall Alumni Bull Roast

Had another injection today, this one was F/U vs. R L5/S1 OMNI #2. I guess the one I had last week was F/U vs. R L5/S1 OMNI #1? What in the hell is that? The wife works there and doesn't know what it is. What I do know is I can have these shots, in grougs of three, every 3 months, and if it works, I'll be back in April. Want to find out about about having the disc removed, and artificial one put in. The doc is worried about mobility if I'm unable to rehab because of the of the MS, good point. Hello, who cares, just make it stop hurting.

Be cause my back has hurt so badly all week, I haven't worn the stimulator, no need. When you can only take baby steps, shuffling with a cane, not need to worry about foot drop. Foot drop, shit man, I couldn't get that foot off the ground to drop it! So pain is mostly gone, for now, and now I feel how wobbly my legs are. Haven't done anything for a week, unlike the cross county training I partake in most days. How can I sit around all week, maybe go to the store with the wife, and in a week, my legs are out of shape, look good, but are out of shape.

9 days to the Perry Hall Alumni Association bull roast, looking forward to it. I was always big for age, most times played sports a few age groups up. I often have people as me if I'm attending reunions for years I didn't graduate. One of my favorites is when they tell I'm wrong, that I did graduate with the. I played with a few guys that graduate before I ever got to high school! Can't wait to see where everyone is. I bet none of the retired when they were 35!