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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mama's Birthday, College Starts Tomrrow, and Diet Time is Upon Us

Today is the mother's 183rd birthday, or something like that, she was born in the 30's. Kills me I wasn't there to spend it with her, but I guess that's the way it goes. Turns out they are both sick, the parents, and they are keeping their great granddaughter while her mother was in the hospital. Everyone was throwing up, coughing, miserable as hell. Come to think of it, glad I just called this year. Happy birthday Mama!

The girl has her first day of classes tomorrow, at a new school, no biggie, she is almost 22. Yeah, right! You'd think she was getting on the little yellow bus tomorrow, actually she will getting on the light rail. For those of you not local, the light rail is Baltimore's version of a subway, we just didn't bury it. She will go from living on campus and walking to school, to living home, and taking the train to school, pretty cool.

OK, my weight, I need to do something about my weight! This is getting serious, even my fat shorts are straining at the seams. I need a diet, one that's easy to follow, tastes great, and is very little work. Starting tomorrow, no sweets, no chips, no snacking, no anything that's made me fat, and no exercise. This is going to be tough, the rest of my house mates eat nothing but steak and cake, and oh yeah, we have a bull roast next Saturday! Why is the world always against me?


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Good luck.

Eat alot of fruit and veg and drink alot of fruit juice.

If you stick to fruit and veg all this week you should have no problem eating some meat with tons of salds and veg next saturday.

Snack no apples and carrots and dates and sticks of celery.

we eat alot of tofu and tempe very good in stir fries.
Tempe/Tofu needs to be well marinated and cooked.

And salads dressings of olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice and gently fried pine nuts or cashew nuts (in olive oil) and fresh herbs.
We grew our own rocket salad last year, it is hardy and still alive under the snow.


awb said...

Herrad - Thanks, I like the sounds of the cashew nut salad dressing. I just need to do it!


froggysoprano said...

Appreciate your good wishes. I am a miracle if I had you when I was so old. I still think they gave me the wrong baby at Sinai. Anyway thanks for remembering and for the gift. Love you . Mama

awb said...

Froggy - Glad you had a good one. Tell the truth, you other two kids didn't blog about you, did they?