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Monday, January 25, 2010

House Painting, Handicapped Accessible, and Playstation 2 Games

Getting ready to paint the entire inside of the house, with the exception of the kids rooms. We have a lot of projects to do, but it's amazing how big an impact painting can have. The boy and the girl are going to get a crash course on the finer points of latex paint application. The wife has a job in all this as well, she is color picker outer supreme! My crew is going to start patching up places scared by Looney Linda, the homes prior resident, as well as sanding old fixes. We are ALL so excited about the project.

Been looking around the casa to see what modifications could be done to make the house more me friendly. Kitchen, living, and dining room on one floor. 3 steps up to the bedrooms and baths, 7 steps down to family room, laundry, and half bath, and then 2 steps down to storage. The lower part, I'm not there much, most of my time is spent on the main floor, near the kitchen. I go upstairs to sleep, and use the bathroom. I think I need a powder room on the main floor, or a chair lift to go up the 3 steps to the bathrooms. The thingy for the steps is probably the way to go.

I bought the boy's playstation 2 from him, he was going to trade it in, so I thought hey, I like games. He has all the sports games, boooo, he has wrestling games, double boooo, and lastly he has race care games, triple boooo! I'm an asteroids, Doom, and other shoot em up games, yay! I'm trying to figure if I'm going to steal it from him, or just screw him out of it, he is my boy!


Anonymous said...

How was the girl's first day of classes? I'm jealous of her! I miss going to school. I hope she's happy with her courses.

I graduated with a degree in English last May (at the proud age of 53). I'm hoping to go back for my Master's as soon as my own AI disease calms down. Hope still springs eternal in my world...

Good luck with the painting. I had my house repainted last year. I have a contemporary with vaulted ceilings so scaffolding was needed--I had to pay someone to do it. Keep plenty of fresh air flowing through the house. Even latex paint can be smelly.


cmm said...

A trick for smell a couple people told me--mix a little vanilla extract into the paint, and there will be no smell!

awb said...

Linda - She loved it, couldn't wait to go back today! Congrats on your accomplishment.

The painting will get done, it's time the kids learn how to do it, They aren't going to live here forever. They aren't going to live here forever, right?


awb said...

Chris - No way, I'd want to lick the walls!


Slammermike said...

You can lick the walls as long as you don't use lead based paint.

I think the stair elevator would work great for you.

I thought you would like Pac Man and Pong

Anne said...

Do all fathers think alike??? My hubby bought our son's PS2 and reg Xbox from him for $40 - including the games because he bought XBox Live and a new computer for PC games.

The kid took the deal.

Must be something in father genes -- I'd rather think that the Mom in the house finally showed him how to get good deals.

Now I gotta teach the kid how to not get ripped off of over $600 in equipment and games for $40.

A mom's work is never done.

awb said...

Slammer - I was always a Ms. PacMan fan, she was smokin!

Anne - I told him to go get a price, and I would beat it by $10. That's teaching him his old mans a sucker, I already bought it once!


awb said...

Slammer - I was always a Ms. PacMan fan, she was smokin!

Anne - I told him to go get a price, and I would beat it by $10. That's teaching him his old mans a sucker, I already bought it once!


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awb said...

Lawrance - Thanks!

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