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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Change in Medication, No More Shots, and Poor Mark McGuire

Hey everyone, thought I'd give it another go, the break was nice, but I found I missed it! Lot's of changes since the beginning of November. I'm off all medication used for the treatment of MS. The neuros have decided the Rebif wasn't doing anything, so why fuss with the shots anymore. They suggested I may want to look into Tysabri, but it looks pretty much the same as the shots, not for me anymore. The neuro said we are to the point, until something new come out, of doing all we can to make me comfortable.

I got the same report from the back doctor, not too much more to be done, short of surgery. they did another of the spinal injections, but aren't too hopeful of much result. The back dude spoke rather candidly, which was nice, but also somewhat gloomy. Because of the types of surgery they do, and the rehab requirements, I'm not a good candidate, so that may not be on the horizon. He did however give me the largest bottle of pain medicine I've ever seen!

If I have to watch one more pro athlete cry on TV I may lose it? Poor Mark McGuire, He wishes he could go back, but he's sorry... sniffle... but he doesn't think the drugs helped him hit more homeruns. Bite me Mark, they did, get over it! A friend of mine said you didn't see Pete Rose cry, and he's right. Man up Mark, you got paid, be happy with that!


Lisa Emrich said...

Welcome back Andy,
Missed you! I appreciate it when doctors are straight, but not all gloom and doom. I had a doctor (a long while ago and she's not my doctor anymore) who told me that I was basically "killing" myself with my weight and inactivity.

I had told this doctor about some trouble I had had walking around during a summer spent in Austria. She said it was because my muscles weren't used to be used so much because I didn't exercise and weighed too much. My legs had gotta so very heavy and tired after just a little walking, and my muscles were just so very tight it was hard to straighten them out anyways.

Hmmmm...... This was a couple of years before I was dx with MS. Looking back I know exactly what was going on.

Anyways, glad you're back.

Diane J Standiford said...

Man up for sure! You are so OUT and your wussie pal is pissed at you and HE is still in denile. (I can't think of that guys know who I mean, they were shooting each other in the, you know---very manly that!) Oh sure you could have hit all those homers and I'm 6 feet tall. Yuk Yuk That elephant neck of his was a dead giveaway---seriously! Wipe your tears with a hundred dollar bill and get out of our view.

Libby said...

andy, we're all glad to see you back, we've missed you~!
& really, a lot of times when i quit taking any medicine, injections, I actually felt neuro said that if i reacted that way, maybe it was better to take a vacation from it, permanent or not!

Anonymous said...


I don't have MS but I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease over the summer. I found your site by accident one night when I was trying to find someone in cyberspace with the same disease as mine (it's rare, and there are very few of us). I really enjoyed your writing, your attitude, and your humor, and then you STOPPED!

It's weird. I don't know you, but I've been checking back every now and then to see if you were okay. I'm glad you are.


awb said...

Lisa - Thanks, I never take what the doctors say as gospel, so we shall see where I end up.

Diane - I've had it with all of them, I'm watching nothing but chess from now on!

Libby - thanks, good to be back. It's weird to be taking nothing but blood pressure meds, and my nutsy pills.

Linda - nice to meet you. I'm like that mole on you aunt Betsy's nose, I never go away!

Anonymous said...

I have found it is best to keep moving when your back acts up. You want to just go to bed and hope it gets better but it usually gets worse. I was told after 50 MS usually doesn't get worse so my prayer has been you get to 50 no worse off.
Aunt Soniewarmslya

awb said...

A Son H - For me it's a fine line between doing too much, and not doing enough. As for turning 50, that's 2 years away, I'll be doorstop by then!