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Friday, September 11, 2009

Short Legs, Eye Doctor Needed, and Visiting the Folks

I need my legs to be 1/2 inch longer, need to figure out how to make that happen. I'm almost 7 feet tall, but I have very short legs, built kind of like a penguin. I need to have my shoes on to keep my feet from dangling off the end of the chair. The shoes are just enough to make contact with the floor, keeping my knees from killing me. I am still pissing and moaning about my chair, can't figure out what to get. If the chair is low enough for my feet to touch the floor in my support hose, it kills me trying to stand up. I won't even tell the story of the time we went Davenport shopping and the salesperson looked at the wife, and said, you obviously need a wide seat! It was weeks before that particular sales clerk ate solid food again.

Feeling pretty good today, all things considered. I just decided that my eye issues are either an allergy, or some type of exotic infection. Asked the wife if I should go to WalMart to have someone look at my eyes, she thinks maybe another choice would be better. I had an issue with infection and steroids once before. The first time I took prednisone, I also had impacted wisdom teeth, but didn't know it. We were at the beach, that knob under my tongue, it swelled like a basketball, really gross. Is it happening again, just in my face? Maybe my face isn't fat, it's just swollen, now don't you feel bad for making fun of me?

Thinking I'll go down the parents house for a few days later this month? The wife has to go to the beach for a week on business, I don't want to stay here and interfere with the kegger the kids are planning. She was already staying with the parents, so they are expecting company. They like the wife better than they like me, don't blame them, she's pretty special, just glad they let me stay there too. Like I said, missed going down for the sister's 50th birthday, so it would be nice to see everyone. I do better with 3 or 4 days on a trip than I do with the quick overnighters. It would be nice to see the family.


Herrad said...

Hi Andy, A trip to the beach and a get together sounds real good, hopoe you have a good time.
Have a good weekend.

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, I feel ya. Go and get your party on, kids shouldn't have all the fun!!! You could shorten your trunk...remove some colon...think outside the box?

Libby said...

" The wife has to go to the beach for a week on business"

HAS heart bleeds for her...teehee! good luck with all this health crap!

Anonymous said...

Do you EVER test your blood sugar????

Sometimes what is wrong with the eyes is not what's wrong with the's another body part.

Steroids take about two weeks to work their way out of the body after the last dose. Hang in there!

Have a nice trip.