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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pool Days, Things Are Changing, and Who Are Those Guys Radio Interview

Gorgeous day here in Maryland, hot, not too humid, sunny, perfect pool day. The girl worked, the boy went bowling, so it was me and my baby to the pool! The neighborhood was positively abuzz with activity. Tons of pools in our stretch, all being used today. The smells of grilled animal flesh, sounds of children frolicking, their parents yelling for them to knock it off, summer was afoot. We floated for a bit, then talked, she sunned, I floated some more, perfect Sunday afternoon. Show her how to hook up the new auto vacuum tonight, hope it goes well.

It was a very nice day, one we have always enjoyed, but even relaxing is getting tough. I am exhausted, my legs and arms are jittery they're so numb. It was one of those epiphany days I have when I realize something is no longer easy to do, therefore not so relaxing. The kind of day all you want to do is cry and feel sorry for yourself. I remember when I had to acquiesce to the fact it was no longer enjoyable to go in the ocean. It was a tough thing to accept, remember, I was on the Presidential body surfing council! It's not the same when things have conditions. I miss being me.

It seems I have a famous radio personality in my midst? He always could tell a story with the best of them, he has grown past our circle and is hitting the airways. This is the dude that I worked with, he took me hunting, to cooking class, and now he's a famous competition BBQ chef. He has granted an interview to our local radio station, 1090 am WBAL, hosted by Dan Durian. The interview is to air at 7:45 am on Monday, if you get a chance, tune in. I'm sure I will be main thrust of his conversation with Dave, and the fact that he and his BBQ team are enjoying a rocketing rise in the competition BBQ world. I plan on getting up to give a listen, maybe even to call on to comment!


Lanette said...

Sounds like a good day! I've been enjoying our local pool as well! I like to go EARLY before the kids wake up and are there. I wish there were an adults only pool! hehe :)

Cranky said...

Andy - MS sucks. 'nuff said.

Libby said...

andy--i totally have to echo cranky.

awb said...

Lanette - Adult swim!

Cranky & Libby - You got that right, big time!


Anonymous said...

Ive only grown past you in the waistline buddy! Thanks for the plug!! I'll try to work you in on the next interview, Katie Couric, Larry King and Baba Walters have all called today wanting some of this 'older than middle aged fatman' action.

awb said...

Good luck this weekend, smoke one for me. That's a little bbq humor.