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Monday, August 10, 2009

Africa Hot, Vitamin D Drops Again, and Eyes Not Working Right

It was Africa hot here today, I saw a couple lions chewing on a zebra, I tells ya, it was hot! This used to be primo pool weather, but it was too hot to even get out to the pool. The wife and girl are out there right now, I keep pushing my face up against the window, they didn't notice me. It was better for me to sit in the house, in front of the fan, with a 32 oz mug of iced tea. Next year I'm going to have and indoor portion added to the pool, just swim under the divider and you're outside, just like the playboy mansion.

A person would think that on 50,000 ml, twice a week, a guys vitamin D level wouldn't drop by half. Should I be worried about this? I'm supposed to go see another doctor, I think a neuphrologist? Do your kidneys control vitamin D? I think I already take too much medicine, so they can't fix this with a prescription. I'm hitting outside in the sun, but that isn't doing it this year. Are some people naturally D deficient? Does my family have D problems? Big noses run in my father's family! Haha, big noses run, somebody stop me! Does that calgon stuff work, because I need something to take me away.

How do you know when you're having MS problems, compared with just getting old? My eyes are driving crazy today! I feel like I'm looking through gauze, or milk, or, well you get the picture. It's like I should be able to wipe it away, but I can't. Do I need to have my eyes checked, or do I just chalk it up to my MS? I'm really sick of all this doctor crap. I wonder what would happen if I just stopped? Stopped all the medicine, canceled all my appointments, just quit? Sounds almost romantic, in theory, but in reality, you probably would have to pour me into the doctor's office to correct all the problems.


Lisa Emrich said...

Yes, it was friggin' hot today, yesterday, tomorrow....I'm melting (as said in my best wicked witch voice). ;)

Anne said...

97 degrees here yesterday - no rain, and it's supposed to hit 95 today. Thank God it will be raining later on as the humidity is nearly 95 percent.

As for taking a vacation from meds, I took a hissy fit and quit all my meds in 1980.

All it got me was...........


I don't advise quitting meds unless you want a bigger problem.


Keep cool, Anne

awb said...

Lisa - I agree, it's too hot to even look outside.

Anne - I'm very open to suggestion, if I turn up pregnant, it's your fault!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I love your comparison of Africa heat, it does feel that way.

awb said...

Kim - Thanks, it was hot I tells ya, hot!