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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Boy's Future, Torturing Our Children, and 100 Year Old Aunt

Took the boy for sports physical today, him, him, him! The doctor's office charged an extra $10 to fill out the paperwork, I couldn't believe it. I was worried they were going to charge extra when they weighed him too! He passed everything, the doctor even gave him some career advice, and this was free. The boy isn't planning on going to school, but he still isn't sure what he is going to do. Something in the bowling field is available, but we're not sure of the money. He also has a chance to work for the gas company, guess which one the wife and I are pulling for? Either way, he's a good kid, he will make the right decision.

We tried to drive the girl crazy tonight, it was fun. She mentioned she made a killer cobbler the other day to the women at the vineyard, one of them gave her a tub of fresh blackberries and told her to prove it! She used an old family recipe, been in our family since I bought the cookbook a couple of years ago. We kept telling her we needed to test it, she has no sense of humor. The wife also was doing the scene from "Terminator 2" when the guy was holding the dumbbell over the detonator, like 50 times. She'd do that, and I'd yell cobbler! I wish we had more kids on days like today.

The parents went down to VA for a visit, down to the Northern Neck. They lived there for a few years, and the Mother's family is from there, Reedville, VA. They visited with my one aunt who was 100 on new years day. She lives alone, over her daughter's garage, and does everything for herself. She told the Mother she needed some kind of pad, kneeling on the kitchen floor to scrub it was starting to hurt her knees! She told the parents to let me know she prayed for me everyday, and thought of me often. Her grandson, my cousin, also has MS, we used to play together when we were kids. I don't know if I want to live that lone? Maybe if I can put my head on a mechanical dogs body?


Libby said...

geez, andy, honestly i've given this a lot of thought, and the only thing worse than dying too quick would be living too long, you know? BTW...did the dr give your son a lollipop? lol!

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Andy - you are hysterical!! I look forward everyday to reading your blog. Keep 'em coming!!

awb said...

Libby - I remember a line from a movie, they asked the guy how life was and he said taking forever!

Jack - Oh stop!

Donna F said...

Andy, Just saw your blog today. How long have you had your Bioness device? My husband has had his NessL300 since July 10 and he wants to walk all the time...then is so worn out he can hardly stand up. He had a massive stroke almost 8 years ago and this is a real leap forward...after a lot of little steps in the right direction.

We are wondering about the electrodes, too. The cloth ones sound like a real improvement. This Tuesday, Burk will meet with the physical therapist who he worked with before going to PT at a facility where he could get the Bioness. It's going to be interesting to see what Jimmy thinks of his progress. Burk is getting a good bit of carry over help, where his foot is straightening and lifting even without the FES. We didn't expect that, not so soon or so much. Nice.

I'll check in with your blog again. Good to find a guy using the same device! dmf

awb said...

Donna - I've had the L300 for 4 months now. I'm very satisfied with it, it takes some getting used to, I was weaker than I realized. Good luck to you and your husband, look forward to you stopping in!