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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wife Gets to Grieve, LDN Blocking Pain Medicine, and Swimming In Ice Water

We went tonight to our friends house, me and the wife, she made lasagna and a Caesar salad to take to their home. She hasn't seen them since their daughter passed away. The wife tends to cry easily, but is tough as nails. Our friends seemed to be holding it together fairly well, I don't know how, but they are. We ate, we talked, we teared up a bit, we just sat and were friends. We didn't want to stay too long, they have had a long week, but we all wanted to see the video the funeral home made of their daughter. It was one of the hardest thing we have ever done. I can't imagine, no one should ever have to endure this pain.

My back is broken, ain't that a shame? Does it work for your father if you step on a crack? Those crazy kids! The wife works for a pain management company, but they can't do anything to help me, they don't work on family. The only thing worse then that would be if she worked for a bakery. I don't think I can take any pain medicine, the LDN will cancel it out, right? Is the dose enough to keep pain meds from working, I probably should find that out? What about Novocain? I can handle the back, the dentist isn't allowed to talk to me on the phone without Novocain! I go the end of the month to the dentist, so I definitely need to figure that one out.

I think the pool will be too cold to swim in for the rest of the summer? The weather has humid, but not too hot, dropping into the 50's at night. How are you supposed to heat up a pool with those night time temps? I may go soak in the cold water tomorrow, just to see if I can take it. I'm going to buy an aqua bug to clean the pool automatically, something less on the wife's plate. I want to float, weightless, let the cool water heal my body. More then anything, I want to be able to get in without a a having heart attack! It will come soon, I just can't wait!


Anne said...

I am curious. Where do you get your LDN? In Baltimore or mail order?

I have been reading the LDN forums and it seems it is only compounded by specialty pharmacies. I am only asking because I keep LDN in the back of my mind for "just in case" I want to add it to my present regimen or if I throw caution to the wind and stop all my vitamins, minerals, supplements and diet. Oh my!

I can't have some of the additives they use to make up the capsules due to Crohn's Disease. I have RA and MS too, so I thought the LDN was THE answer when I talked to my doctor about it last year. Chris at Crazy Chick gave me lots of info on it before I talked to the doctor. It looked like the answer for me.

But I have a doctor who does not believe LDN will help me at this stage of the disease. He said if I had started it 25 years ago, when I wasn't at the point I am at now, then maybe it would have been a good idea. What the hell does he know?!! And he doesn't understand my thinking LDN will help when I keep turning him down on the DMD's he keeps pushing at me. If I won't take them, why would I consider LDN? he says.

I am doing well on my present regimen, but I always like to know there is something waiting in the wings to start if, when, or if what I am doing (or not doing) starts to make me go bad.

Like the pool bug.....$125!! I guess it is a good investment when you can't clean a pool yourself. I have a small wading pool that I use in the yard because doc said I have to sit outside in the sunshine for 30 minutes a day to boost my Vitamin D levels in addition to supplements.

After sitting 5 to 7 minutes, the sun has me sweating to death and I need water - everywhere. I started with a spray bottle and now have graduated to a 24 inch high pool (12 x 6 rectangle size). I hate cleaning it.

But somehow I can't justify to hubby buying a $125 pool bug to clean the pool when the pool only cost me $15 at Big Lots! LOL

So we dump it out ever 3 to 5 days, add chlorine every day to keep down the algae, etc. I may as well have a family sized pool, but our township has lots of regs and fees which we can't afford. Plus liability is an issue because of kids using it when we are not home (jumping the fence). We have had two baby drownings here in the last two months.

So my 24 inch high pool with 6 inches of water is going to stay - along with all the work to keep it clean.

When you get tired of your aqua bug or if you upgrade, maybe we can talk about resale?

Slammermike said...

Rick stopped in the office Tuesday and is planning on returning to work on Thursday. He looked very tired and had lost weight. You can tell he is still hurting . I can't imagine.....

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

Sounds like you could do with a swim and float in the pool hope it works out well.

Take it easy.

awb said...

Anne - My LDN is formulated at Kaye's Pharmacy 6913 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206 (4103653894), $5 for 100 capsules! I'm sure it has helped me with the cramps, so it's worth it to me!

Can't beat the pool, just waiting for the ice caps to subside.

Slammer - It's time to just be there,, it's all we can do. John was at the early viewing, I don't have to worry anymore.

herrad - I can wait to just float, all day with a book, an iced tea, vitamin soaking into my skin!