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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friend to Finish Bathroom, Wife Walked on Back, and Daughter Gets Published

Took a road trip with a friend today, even crossed state lines. I know, slow down boy! My friend's a builder, we went up so he could look at a problem with a sidewalk at a place he just finished a huge addition. So I road shotgun, we looked at the crack, then went and got lunch, I miss going to work! The friend is coming tomorrow to finish our hall bathroom, the one that was started July 19th, 2008, so much for the whole thing taking a few days. I hate it when people don't do what they say. My friend is coming tomorrow, to finish, and we bartered the job for a 30 gallon compressor, he tried to pay for the new door, so obviously the job is worth more than the compressor, but I feel like I'm paying him something.

The wife did a modified oil treatment tonight, hoping it will help with my fractured vertebrate. So far so good, let's see if it works. I am fine if I don't move, but that's no way to live, so I will go back to toughin it out, as soon as I get back to a level I can tough through! My father has always had back problems, so I'm glad he passed THAT on.

The daughter got some good news yesterday, she had her first novel published. She must have gotten her writing talent from me, but she didn't have to take it all! The novel is called "Her Hair" and it will be available on places like Amazon in a few days. Most of the things she wrote when she was younger had a definitely Disney style, you know, the father died! They would be cheery stories, and all of a sudden they would talk about the day the father got murder by the band of roving thieves. I didn't sleep with both eyes shut for 10 years! I'm proud of her, not just because I want her to buy me a 700 acre piece of property in Western Maryland, but because I love her and think she can do anything!


Anne said...

Workmen are starting on the upstairs bathroom next Monday and said it will take about 10 days (I guess business days - they don't work weekends!)

Downstairs bathroom will start when that one is done.

So workmen in the house for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

I hate having people working in my house, but love the end result.

Sometimes the price we pay $$ does not always look like the price we actually pay in nerves.

Way to go, daughter! Publish a link when it goes online.


froffysoprano said...

Hope you and Joe remember you are responsible adults now. I was a little worried when i read the two of you went for a ride.

awb said...

Anne - I like to look at myself as frugal, but it's probably more that I'm cheap? I hate spending money, especially mine! I'm in a program, trying to get better with it.

Don't worry, everyone will be able to tell when the girls book hits the shelves!

Froggy - I told him the same thing, the 2 of us, in a truck, across state lines! Ah, memories.


Libby said...

andy, i'm so jealous of your daughter...the closest i ever got to being published was a rejection slip! grrrrrrr! but, give her high fives from me!!