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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eye Issues, Veggies, and Cool New Pool Cleaner

Woke up this morning, just to through a twist into things, I couldn't see. Nothing wrong with my vision, nothing new at least, couldn't get my eyes open. I've got to stop sleeping in my bullseye pajamas, this is getting ridiculous! I don't know if it's conjunctivitis, or if this nagging sore throat has spread infection to my whole head? Either way, I'm not real happy about this. I scheduled a care free weekend, and this ain't it!

Went yesterday to pick up our weekly share of vegetables from our friends CSA experiment. We got the staples for this time of year, red, white and blush potatoes. Yellow and green squash, cucumbers, onions, green peppers. We got the most delicious looking carrots I've ever seen. I wonder if there is anything you can do with carrot greens? They look so tempting, I'll have to search for something online to do with them, wore my juicer out, so no carrot juice. I'm getting ready to have a couple of the eggs we got yesterday, out of this world! They got a new batch of laying hens, about a week old, the wife didn't let me bring a few of those home, but I'm working on her!

We went and bought the Hayward Aqua Bug pool cleaner yesterday, looks just like a ladybug. It said you can install it, and use it in 10 minutes, and they were right. We hooked the hoses up, hooked it to the filter, and presto, it vacuumed the pool. I like it when it works that way, though I don't have a taste of it very often. We not only got what we wanted, but it was on sale, swish! I think I'm finished with the pool this year, buying things I mean, now it's time to enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Here's what you can do with carrot greens:

Here's what you can do with Aqua Bug when you are ready for a new one:

Smile, I'm only messing with ya


awb said...

I am so making the one carrot bread! Would it ruin the healthy aspect if I made a cream cheese dipping sauce for it?

People are always telling me where I can put things!


Stuff could always be worse said...

You have some great ideals with your garden food and pool both. I hope the work is done with the pool.

Libby said...

...yeah, but if we dont get any of the godforsaken global warming soon, the work will be for nothing!