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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Toltec Wisdom, Original Back Injury, and Time to Hire a Landscaper

I read a book, cover to cover whilst laid up, something I have not done for a good while. The book was "The four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. It was suggested to me by my friend who set up the Raindrop therapy, as a type of therapy for my mind. It tells of how to rid your mind and body of the poison we subject ourselves to, and how to stop it to achieve heaven on earth. The 4 agreements are:

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don't take anything personally

3. Don't make assumptions

4. Always do your best

The books says that if we can do those things, and break the old agreements we have made while being "domesticated", we can achieve peace. We need to embrace the philosophy of the angel of death, live today, tomorrow we may be gone. I will have to think about this one, an let you know what I come up with.

The back is feeling better, though I'm not ready to dance a jig as yet. I remember the first day I had the back pain, probably not something most people can say. We were down the sisters house for one of her mega 4th of July parties. The boy was little, and he and his mother had just gotten off of one of the many boats they have, or at least she had, the boy fell in! I was up in the yard, but saw it. I took off for the pier, I was still able to move back then, jumped down over the first bulkhead, and when I landed, I felt it. My back hasn't felt good since that day, with flare ups every so often that put me down! Turns out I didn't need to do it anyway, the wife was right there, and being our Wonder woman, never hesitated and jumped right in and snatched him out. Like I've said, she can do anything! Both had some cuts and bruises, but were otherwise fine.

I'm going to float out in the pool today, I don't care how cold the water is! I'm also going to ignore all the things that need to be done out there, I can't even consider doing any of it right now. We are going to hire a guy from the neighborhood that does landscaping to come and clean everything up, and mulch. I have known him since he was 3 years old, he has offered to help before, so we shall see. The wife and kids could do it, but not without a lot of grief. The wife doesn't know a rosebush from a dandelion, so weeding would be a real adventure. The kids aren't aware we have a backyard, and they got their horticulture gene from their mother. Yeah, I think it's time to hire someone I can yell at if they don't do a good job, and still sleep in my own bed!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree with the book, do your best. You do have a great wife and you did what any parent would, jump in. Good job.

Gudmundur H said...

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Take care

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

The 4 agreements sounds good think they are good simple and straightforward principles to live by.

Had never put it into so many words but pretty much how I like to live.

I totally agree with the philosophy of live today, tomorrow we may be gone.

And do my best to make the best of everything, funnily enough it was when I had to stay in bed 24/7 for the first day that I really realised how much I did still have and that was quite an eye opener.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Ps I am so very curious how your lovely veg garden has been going would love an update when you have the time.

awb said...

Kim - interesting stuff in that book, I do some of it, but I do what I should with me, so I have work to do, and I gossip! I am going to give it run!

Gudmunder - get them to send me some free samples, I'll drive them around the block, thanks.

Herrad - I try to be upbeat, but I'm not always successful. I'm not giving up though, I shall be around.

I will take pictures of my idiot garden, had a tomato tragedy today, they fell over, I didn't get help and was behind schedule. I will post pictured tomorrow.


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