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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Key Monster, Exotic Bites, and No More Doctors

Somebody stole my keys, I'm sure of it, because I can't find them! I always put them in the same place, in the house. Sure I may put them on top of the fridge one time, or on my dresser the next, but I always put them where I can find them. I think my parents may have stolen them this time, I was just down there, and my father remembers "seeing" them, nice try! They will turn up sooner or later, when whomever has them gets tired of playing games, they always do, and everyone expects me to believe they are "found".

I think I have gout? I'd be more confident in my diagnosis if I knew what it was. My grandfather had it once, he got rid of it by eating cherry pie. Does gout hurt, because this doesn't. I hate the thought of having to go in for more tests, seems like that's what I do for a day out, go to doctor's offices. I have some kind of bites all over my ankles, either flea bites, or some kind of rare spider I would think. The wife has them too, but not the kids, and we don't have any pets, so I have no idea. I guess I'm going to have to call the doctor in the morning, you all have been no help at all!

Raindrop went well tonight, I have to find out if it raises your blood pressure, or if it's just me. I have that slight bit of a headache I feel when my pressure is playing games, the mother yelled at me because she offered to take it and I said, what are you a nurse! SMACK! I am so tired of things medical, I just want to have a few days where the only thing I have to worry about is what should I wear whilst in Bermuda? Oh yeah, that's coming up, and I can't wait! The ship leaves from the port of Baltimore, about 20 minutes drive from here, I'm getting psyched!


Cranky said...

Andy - gout hurts, per those I know who have it. It would suck to have fleas without the offsetting pleasure of pets. :-)

It is great that you live so close to your cruise departure point! We've taken a number of cruises, all but one in Alaska. It is a LONG way from Massachusetts to Vancouver or Anchorage to Massachusetts. Nothing like a cruise for vacation - many opportunities to feel spoiled!

Anne said...

Port of Philadelphia is closest to me and you'd think they would have lots of cruises going out of there. Nope.

Have to fly to Florida for most of the ones I was interested in.

Have seen some of the cruises leaving out of Baltimore - about 2 hrs drive from here in traffic - and when we cruise in 2010, Baltimore departures are going to be the first ones we consider.

Get well before this damn cruise, will ya?

Libby said...

well, andy, i caught one positive thing in your post...your grandfather got rid of gout by eating cherry pie! now that's a cure i could believe in!!

Anonymous said...

He didn't ever have gout and we don't have your damned keys. My scan showed nothing but old age. Nothing abnormal. Good news I guess but I could have told him I was old. Is your ankle still swollen?

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Andy, I agree with "Cranky" I have a friend that suffers from gout and his knee swells double or triple the normal size and hurts him like crazy. I will make mention to him about the cherry pie though. Actually I don't have gout but cherry pie sounds great to me. Maybe I'll find your keys in there. I'll let you know!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andy B -- if it doesn't hurt, it ain't gout. I have never had it, but I watched my bro-in-law writhe in pain, trying to maintain his macho persona. It just didn't work for him.
Enjoy the cruise! May I someday be so lucky :)

awb said...

Cranky - I always wanted to go to Alaska to see the Iditarod, haven't made it yet.

Anne - I'm working on the well part!

Libby - I am of the opinion that pie will fix anything, except an expanding waistline.

Anonymous Mother - Glad the scan went well, how much do you want for the safe return of my keys?

Tara - I think cherries helped the gout, pick your poison, tart fresh cherries, or pie. Watch your teeth on my keys!

Hey Jean, is that you? If it's painful, I'm not above laying in the fetal position and crying, part of my overall charm!

Anonymous said...

I sent your damned keys, you left them in your father's truck. say you're sorry now. Dad mailed them as soon as he found them. Ingrate.

mark said...

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awb said...


Thanks for the information, but what I have isn't gout, but it was something fun to whine about! Still don't know why it is swelling, I'm sure it will work itself out.