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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Growing, Knees Hurting, and Wife's Butt Lifting

The idiot garden is doing great, everything is doing well. My tomatoes are getting a slow start, I put them in last for some reason, must have had a fit? I put them in last because I was out of gas and didn't ask for help, but I have corrected that problem! My peppers are peppering, my eggplants are egging, and if you could see my melons! Anyway, my zucchini and Brussels sprouts are getting big, potatoes are growing like weeds in my trash can. I need to get someone to water everything while we are away, I hate the thought of everything dying while we are cruising. Pictures to come soon.

My knees are killing me! I had hope saying that would make it better, but it didn't, they are still throbbing, like a toothache, of course I've never had a toothache, so I'm not sure how bad that would be. I was just in the kitchen cooking dinner, that's all I've done today, except go to the store, the dump, and grocery shopping, but that's it, honest. I did start to put my trellis system together on my pepper box outside, but that was just standing there, trying to tie knots with a right hand I can't control, lots of giggles there. No pain allowed, I will not, well, allow it!

The wife has started walking, she has a walking buddy, and they are going for an hour, 3 times a week. Ya ever get asked those questions, the ones you know you can't answer without getting in big trouble? The wife wanted to know if I could see a difference in her since she started walking? Yeah Doll, good job, you were starting to make me wretch, thanks for taking care of it, but you also can't say, no, you look the same, tough spot. Apparently, my job in all of this is to convince her that her butt is lifting! So that's what I've become, my job is to make sure she feels good about her butt. Do you think I'd get in trouble if I offered to go up the community center and comment on the other butts I see? Me too!

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Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Too Funny! Thanks honey for always being my number one supporter! You LIFT my spirits! Get it? Lift? Butt lift! Oh, I am wasting my A material.