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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Cruise is Here, Small Fall in the Bedroom, and Anchors Away Matey

Cruise time is upon us, I can't believe it! The in-laws are coming around 11:15 or so, we are caravaning through the Fort McHenry tunnel to the cruise terminal, about a 15 or 20 minute trip. We can start boarding at noon, and the SS Minnow shoves off for it's 3 hour cruise at 4. I suppose we will be eating between noon and 4, or playing shuffle board, can't wait! We have everything packed, I never worked that hard! OK, the wife doesn't let me pack, she thinks I'd screw it up, so that time I threw everything in a duffle bag and said I was ready worked!

I'm taking the stimulator, and the afo, although I was never a boyscout, I did beat one up once! Took a spare pair of glasses just in case too, boy how times have changed. In the old days, I took extra clubbing clothes, and pheromones to attract the opposite sex. Today I took all my meds, my injector kit, 2 walking devices, and a cane! Thought I ruined the entire trip, fell last night in the bedroom and put my head through the bathroom door. Just a mild concussion, and probably a broken wrist or 2, but I'm OK! Actually, all that was hurt was my dignity, but I don't have a lot of that left at this point, so no biggie. I can't wait.

The first thing the boy and I are going to do is scope out the buffet locations, just to get our game plan ready. Each of the kids are in a cabin with one of there cousins, leaving me and the wife to have a mini 2nd honeymoon on the briny blue, too cool! We have a porthole, so no chance falling overboard from out room. A ton of pictures will be taken, ones of me not in a swim suit will be shared! Look for me on Thursday you Swabbies!


Herrad said...

Hi Andy,
Have a brilliant time.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Hope to read about your good time

Libby said...

yay, andy!! have a great time!
" ones of me not in a swim suit will be shared!"
thanks for being considerate like that! lol!

Lazy Julie said...

Happy cruising. May the sea make you steadier on your feet. ;-)
Lazy Julie

Diane J Standiford said...

I'll put on my goggles and come back Thurs., Captain!