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Friday, May 1, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Pacing the Stimulator, Garden Chores, and My Babies Under the Weather

The wife is sick, is that allowed? Who will take care of me if I need anything? What if one of the kids need something from a parent? I don't remember voting on this, or giving this my Okie Dokie. I suppose I can pick the boy up when he's finished, but I cleaned the kitchen for Pete's sake! She's sleeping on the sofa right now, I'm going to put her to bed so I can hear the hockey game! I guess I can man the watch so she can rest, she sure has earned it.

I'm looking at the stimulator from a different angle, see if it makes more sense this way. I used the cane today, and it made a big difference, especially with my knee. What ends up happening is my leg gets tired, so I start hyper extending the knee. If I use the cane, it doesn't happen as quickly, and isn't as severe when it does. I think I need to acquiesce to the fact this may take some time. It is working, and after having it tuned up on Monday, I hope it works even better. Most of all, I need to give my body a chance to adapt to it, and get stronger, I can do that.

If the weather cooperates, I am going to make the rest of my idiot garden tomorrow. I bought some more plants, including some variegated sweet potato vine for my arbor at the gate, and some moon flower seeds. I'm debating if I should fill the tubs up with compost from the dumb. My one buddy uses it all the time, says it's great, the price sure is right. I need 2 cubic feet per bin, and I have 3 more to make.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I hope your wife gets better and I think you will enjoy the outdoors planting. Then rest.

awb said...

I think she's faking, just wants the attention. I am resting, it's taking me forever to get finished!

Cranky said...

Andy - faking? Hmmmm, perhaps so! After all, we see how much attention those we care for get ... maybe she's looking for some of her own. (j/k)

I have never grown brussels sprouts, but have purchased them still on the stalk. So cool how they grow. Enjoy all the fruits of your labors.

awb said...

Yes Cranky, faking! She went to bed early while I did all the work, then was gone with the boy's activities before I even got up! Wait a minute, maybe she's just extremely tough?

I've never grown Brussels sprouts either, but with my system, there is no work after they are planted. I call it my system because I use it, not because I thought of it!


Libby said...

andy, brussels sprouts? pardon me..*puke*...okay..sorry.
i never actually had the guts to eat them, but i was a produce mgr in assorted stores for over 10 years...i sold tons, & talked 'em up well, but me eat them? gag...all i can say is i must've been a helluva good salesperson!

awb said...

Frizzled Brussels sprouts. Slice them julienne style, saute in a little olive oil and butter until caramelized, salt, pepper, out of this world! Just be glad you can't grow head cheese in the back yard!


Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

Brussel sprouts - or little bushes as I like to call them - are the worst. You can fry them, boil them, julienne them, whatever and they still taste awful! As Andy knows - I'm quite the vegetable eater but these need to stay in the garden for the rabbits to enjoy!

awb said...

That's the garden girl I married!