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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Raindrop Technique, Young Living Oils, and Holistic Healing

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987, I had the feeling I was living in the best place possible, close to both Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Medical Center. What else could a person hope for, to be so close to 2 such prestigious hospitals. I also remember how little I knew of holistic medical treatments, and to be honest, how little credence I gave to them.

Now fast forward 22 years. I've been through everything modern medicine has to offer, and yet I still slide. I'm interested in a holistic approach, but I don't know how go about it. I looked, I asked my doctors, but no viable solution was found. Enter my Facebook experiment. I had decided I spend too much time alone, partly because of being home due to the MS, and partly because I prefer it that way. Alone I can do as I please, and I never have to take my ball and go home because I didn't get my way. Even as a self proclaimed hermit, it can get lonely after 12 years home alone.

I was cruising Facebook, checking to make sure the kids were acting appropriately, and I realized some of my adult family was also on. Then I saw a place to search your school, and found a few people I knew from high school. I joined a group called Perry Hall Class of 1980 with 22 total members. We all talked online, and then went out for what we called "a mini reunion", it was a blast! One of the women there, the one that started the group, had mentioned that she was involved with holistic medicine, my radar was tuned in. To further cement the deal, she asked me if I had ever had mono, which I not only had, but have been interested in as a possible cause, or factor in my MS.

I asked my friend to write me up a brief explanation I could add to my blog explaining the process, and the following is what she sent. I plan on setting up an appointment with her to do this very soon, I hope there are things in this we can all benefit from.

Epstein Barr---The MS Missed Link???
If you research Multiple Sclerosis on the web these days there are many articles that talk about the Epstein-Barr Virus being the possible “missed trigger” in people who are genetically susceptible to MS. New research has been suggesting that young adults with high levels of antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus appear to be at increased risk for developing multiple sclerosis later in life.

For years there have been findings that a virus could a clue in the onset of multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves), which affects some 400,000 Americans. Recent evidence implicates EB virus as a possible trigger for MS.
Almost everyone is exposed to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) by the time they reach adulthood. Infection early in childhood is common and usually does not cause severe illness, but infection that occurs in adolescence often leads to mononucleosis.

Every virus, medication and toxin that a body is afflicted with or exposed to lays down an “imprint” or residue on the ganglion cells. These nerve bundles are located alongside the spinal column. If a body comes under stress and the immune system lowers, a dormant virus may “pop up” and affect the body. For instance: the Chicken Pox virus. The symptoms of this childhood disease goes away within two weeks of outbreak, but it’s residue lays dormant in the cellular structure alongside the spine. Later in life if a body is under great stress mentally, emotionally or physically and the immune system is depleted from this, then the body can have a shingles outbreak. Same virus…revives when the opportunity is presented.

As a holistic health practitioner I am trained in many modalities and have been exposed to a full gamut of old and new age therapies. I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, etc, etc. Of all the techniques and therapies I use and have had used on me I must say that Aromatherapy is the best healing agent. More specifically “Raindrop Technique” using 11 highly anti-microbial therapeutic grade essential oils is THE MOST EFFECTIVE detox treatment modality.

Case in point--- Last year when under a great deal of stress myself I contracted EBV – mononucleosis at age 46! Uncommon at that age, but nonetheless I got it. I immediately went to work researching the virus and gathered a team of fellow therapists. I trained them all in the Raindrop Technique and had them work on me twice a week for 6 weeks. At the end of the six weeks I went back to my MD and had blood drawn again to see the titer level. My EBV was gone from my system. My doctor thinks it was a mistake. I know it was the oils. Will this happen to everyone that follows this regime? Maybe, maybe not. Exercise, nutrition, rest and stress levels all play key roles here.

I do believe the Raindrop Technique is the best detoxification treatment for any condition the body has. (read below for background and specific information about the oils used)

When I first started the research project with EBV and Raindrop Technique I read the articles about MS and EBV being a trigger. Having several MS clients myself my mind immediately starting to think of the possibilities. To make a long story short…No I don’t believe it can cure MS. I do believe though it has a good chance of being arrested with no further lesions being created. In theory if the EBV is the link that causes the lesions…and the body gets rid of residue of EBV then there should be no new lesions. In any case, detoxification from the virus along with all the medication residue that is in an MS body is a highly recommended treatment.

What to look for in a practitioner
Someone you feel comfortable with. If you have an appointment with a practitioner and come away not feeling “comfortable” then you probably are not resonating with each other. It doesn’t mean that practitioner isn’t good…he/she just may not be good working with you! Look for another.
A licensed massage therapist (in Maryland you need a CMT license in order to do Raindrop Technique)
Someone who using Young Living Oils ( the best)

How was Raindrop Technique Developed?
D. Gary Young developed the Raindrop Technique® (RT) during the 1980s based on his research with essential oils as antimicrobial agents, and prompted by some fascinating information he learned from an elder among the Lakota Indian Nation in South Dakota. This Lakota elder related that several generations ago, his ancestors regularly migrated north across the Canadian border into the northern regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where they often witnessed the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. When the Aurora Borealis was on display, those who were ill or had complicated health problems would stand facing the dancing lights and hold their hands out toward the lights and inhale deeply. Their belief was that the air was charged with healing energy from the Aurora Borealis. Mentally, they would “inhale” this energy into their spine and then out through nerve pathways to afflicted areas of the body.

This process stimulated an incredible healing effect for many of his ancestors. Effleurage (feathered finger stroking) became associated with this tradition after the borders were closed and the Lakota could no longer migrate north. Restricted to their reservations, they began practicing this energy process mentally, coupled with light stroking to facilitate the spreading of energy through the body.

It was this tradition that provided the promptings and began the process that gave birth to the development of Raindrop Technique (RT). RT is based on the idea that many types of scoliosis and spinal misalignments are caused by viruses or bacteria that lie dormant along the spine. The pathogens create inflammation, which, in turn, contorts and disfigures the spinal column. Along with detoxifying the whole body.

The Purpose of Raindrop Technique is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through the oils, boosting the immune system, bringing the body into structural/electrical balance, and enabling the release of toxins or disease wherever they may be lodged—including those illnesses lodged in the mind and emotions.

Most of the raindrop oils are high in phenolic content to ward off potentially damaging viruses and bacteria while cleansing cellular receptor sites to enhance inter and intra-cellular communication and improve overall bodily function. Some raindrop oils contain a variety of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes to assist in deleting misinformation in the DNA and in reprogramming correct information in cellular memory to restore and maintain physical and emotional wellness. The oils used in raindrop technique must be high quality therapeutic grade oils.

The maladies of the body and mind are in layers. During any given Raindrop session only those layers the client is ready and willing to release will be released—both physical and emotional.

Raindrop Technique is a complete modality, in and of itself, that reaches to all levels of the body, mind and emotions. Raindrop alone is sufficient to awaken the self-healing powers the client and does so in a way that delivers optimal benefit according to the readiness and willingness of the client at the time of treatment.

Raindrop Technique stimulates detoxification of the body. Therefore, it is crucial to drink plenty of water following a session and avoid toxic fluids such as soda pop, coffee, or alcohol. A good rule to follow is to divide your weight in pounds by two and drink that number of ounces in water ever day. Sometimes the detoxification process results in bodily soreness, headache, sinus drainage, coughing, or a rash on the skin. While unpleasant these symptoms are temporary and are merely and indication that the technique is working and perhaps, saving you from a much more serious illness at a later time. If the colon, liver, and kidneys are saturated with toxins and unable to function normally, the skin becomes the third organ of excretion—thus a rash. If that happens, stop using oils for a while and double your water intake. For the vast majority of Raindrop clients their experience is a pleasant sense of improved well-being, relaxation, and energization and, in some cases, chronic ailments have fallen away immediately or have disappeared soon after the session.

Raindrop Technique can lead to permanent healing, but…The correction or healing of maladies will vary widely among clients according to their needs going into the session and their willingness to release what ails them at the time. Not all problems can be solved in a single session. A state of ill health is usually the result of many years of accumulation of toxins and traumas—physical, mental and spiritual. Each Raindrop Session can potentially correct something, but to completely return to a state of perfect health may take a series of session over time—plus lifestyle changes in terms of diet, exercise, habits and environment. Raindrop Technique cannot lead to permanent healing unless permanent changes are made by the client to eliminate the factors that led to the ill conditions in the first place. What Raindrop Technique does is to help cleanse one of the consequences of past negative activities and affords one the opportunity to start afresh and get it right in the present and into the future.

Strong emotional releases can sometimes occur with Raindrop since the oils, when inhaled, go directly to the central brain, which coordinates the memory of stored emotions. The oils also go directly to muscles, tissues, and organs throughout the body where emotions can also be stored in cellular memory. Essential oils can penetrate cellular membranes and release these forgotten emotions.

The benefits from Raindrop may not all be apparent immediately following the session. Adjustments can continue throughout the week following. Some clients experience a healing immediately upon receiving Raindrop. However, the completion of the benefits to the client’s mind, body, and emotions takes place over a period of hours and days following the session and may not all be evident right away. Furthermore, some of the benefits may be subtle and not noticed for a while. One can never predict in advance what benefits Raindrop may bring in a given session. Therefore, evaluation of the benefits received from Raindrop Technique may take several days to assess.

Essential Oils are aromatic volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Essential oils are highly concentrated and far more potent than dried herbs. The distillation process is what makes essential oils so concentrated.

Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils deliver positive benefits to the whole body through smell, direct absorption into the skin and by normal digestive processes. Antiseptic, calming, stimulating, soothing, Young Living Essential Oils bring balance to all systems of the body. Young Living active ingredients used in Essential Oils and their other Products are 100% organic, grown in organic conditions and are specially harvested and steam distilled to ensure Therapeutic-Grade quality. Young Living Essential Oils and Products do not contain any artificial coloring, artificial fragrances or additives.


* VALOR is the most important oil used in this treatment because it helps balance the electrical energies within the body. It works on both physical and emotional levels, supporting the electrical and energy alignment of the body.

* THYME is highly anti-microbial and is used for its ability to support the immune system by attacking any bacteria, fungus, infection, or virus that may be present. It may also help one overcome fatigue and physical weakness after an illness.

* OREGANO is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Works with conjunction with THYME to strengthen the immune system and to attack bacteria and viruses. It may also help balance metabolism and strengthen the vital centers of the body.

* CYPRESS improves circulation and relieves spasms and swelling. It is used for its anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-microbial and diuretic properties.

* BIRCH / WINTERGREEN is highly anti-inflammatory so it is great for removing discomfort associated with the inflammation of bones, muscles, and joints. It may help with arthritis and rheumatism and also help cleanse the lymphatic system.

* BASIL has anti-spasmodic activity that relaxes muscles. It may also help with gastrointestinal problems, poor memory, and mental fatigue while helping one maintain an open mind.

* PEPPERMINT has pain-killing properties and is anti-microbial. It is used to calm and strengthen the nerves, reduce inflammation, and is highly effective when dealing with conditions related to the respiratory system. May help to reduce fevers, nausea and vomiting. It also stimulates the conscious mind and enhances mental retention. PEPPERMINT has a synergistic and enhancing effect on all other oils.

* AROMA SIEZ may help to relax, calm, and relieve the tension of spastic muscles resulting from sports injury, fatigue or stress.

* MARJORAM anti-spasmodic. It is used to relax spastic muscles, migraine headaches, soothe the nerves, relieve cramps, aches and pains, and to help calm the respiratory system. Also supplies energy during times of stress and weakness.

* ORTHO EASE MASSAGE OIL is the crowning oil to this application. It is used to help relax all the muscles of the back and legs and to help reduce any stress, arthritic pain, or tension that may exist.

* V-6 MIXING OIL is used to help dilute any of the oils that may be somewhat caustic to the skin.



Just reading this makes me yearn for a couple sessions.

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Hey Lisa, come up to Baltimore and we will get a group rate!


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I'm interested to know if you followed up with this treatment, and if so, what results did you get?
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