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Monday, April 13, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Cat Food Cure, and Take My Racetrack, Please

I got my strawberries planted, and my flowers in their pots as well. It was a beautiful day here today, it was nice to be outside soaking up that vitamin D! I need to move a couple of plants and bushes around the patio to fit the idiot tubs, but I probably just rip them out, less energy expended. I called having them moved, but didn't hear anything back.

I saw that researchers where able to gain some info on a possible treatment for MS from a cat food illness. Really, no foolin! Pregnant cats were given a diet of irradiated food, and they had problems with movement, including paralysis and vision problems. I've said it before, I think the secret is going to be in what we eat. Good news was when the cats stopped eating the poison food, they got better with time, time being the key word.

The boy goes back to school tomorrow, he is thrilled. He also has had a hacking couch all week. I have asked him repeatedly if he feels OK, and he has assured me he does and he goes from one activity to the next. I told him, come hell or high water, he is going to school tomorrow, no claiming to be sick now!

I watched the news tonight, big mistake, I always get made when I do that. Congress is not going to end junk mail, it would hurt the Post Office, 1/3 of their work load is junk mail. Lets just give them pennies to roll over and over again! The Preakness needs to be saved from bankruptcy, again. I'm getting tired of Maryland landmarks being held for ransom, give us money or we will go someplace else. OK, go, it's the Maryland Preakness, not the Pimilico race track, Magna Entertainment Preakness. Just don't tell me some politico didn't give them the rights to the name Preakness.

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Slammermike said...

I see where one idiot wants to take Pimlico and make it into a shopping center. WHAAAA?!?!?! THAT SHOULD DO REALLY WELL!!!!!!!! The last time i heard eminent domain was when the Colts left town. I think since bankruptcy has been filed it is too late already.