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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Lack of Manners, Victory Gardening, and The Omnivores Dilemma

I got out front and trimmed the bushes today, I think I did a good job, and one I shouldn't have done it, as I was weak kneed and wobbly by the time I was finished. The bushes do look good though, so I suppose it was worth it, and it had to be done. Plus, it was a nice 2 hour nap that followed!

I'm trying to talk the wife into going downtown to the Enoch Pratt Free Library to hear a lecture by Michael Pollan, author of "Omnivores Dilemma" and "In Defense of Food". I like both his style, and the subject. I think we are killing ourselves with our food, Pollan talks about just that. I said if she didn't want to go, just put me on a bus.

My new friend Anne had a good thing on her site
Disabled NOT Dead She said that if you stop in, leave me a note to let me know you were here.

Paul the Hermit agrees with me, people aren't polite, their kids are misbehaved, and they are passing it down to the next generation.

I haven't worn the brace now for 4 weeks, that's nice, but I'm still not there yet. I'm still weak, still unsteady, I need to loosen up too. I am serious about getting Wii yoga, I think it I need someone to stretch me out, one of those Helga looking Swish women.

We are having a victory garden meeting here on Saturday, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, stop in and see what we are up to. I'm gong to put together an idiot tub so everyone can see how easy it is. Should be a hoot.

Rebif time, remember, leave a short note so I know who was here, I'd appreciate it!


Libby said...

hey, i didn't know you were on does it work for you? side effects, etc? i tried that for a few months last year, but not any happier with that than avonex, which i had for 13 years...til...yadayada...never mind me...but i'm interested in side effects of any med!

Cranky said...

Andy - I was here, enjoying your blog. Based in part on an exchange we had about Wii for wheelchair users, I ordered Wii and Wii Fit (for me) from Amazon. When I've had a chance to try out the Fit Yoga, I can drop you a note with my impressions. I'll tell you, though, it got great reviews on Amazon.

awb said...

Libby I have done them all, started on Avonex, then Copaxone, now rebif. I even did the chemotherapy one, can't think of the name right now, small details escape me rather easily. Flu symptoms are the only side effect I was aware of, and that was only with A and R. The mood swings and the general bad mood I think were just a personality flaw!

awb said...

Cranky, that's like when you say you like the new Coke and someone tries it because of that, you hope tthey don't spit it out! I do the Wii sitting most of the time, the old balance isn't what it once was, and it is a great workout. Myy biggest problem with it is to not overdue it, something I have a tendency to do.

Thanks for stopping in,

Anne said...

Hi Andy:

You are a better MSer than I. I would not even attempt to do gardening work anymore. I required two grown men to get me up off the kneepad.

My workouts are different every day because I am different everyday. We do what we can.

Hope you are doing better,

PS I was here! LOL

awb said...

It's all in the attempt, and I will learn eventually, I don't give in as easily as I should. I go at it like the little engine when I know I can't, I have to stop setting myself up.

Thanks for letting me know you were here, you should try it...oh yeah,never mind!


Anonymous said...

You overdue it? When are you going to get your son to teach you how to spell? You are doing a great job with all you have tried . Your father and I are proud of you always except he was an educator for 35 years and you can't spell. Oh horrors of all horrors, seriously, you are a son to be proud of. Love, Mom

awb said...

Thanks Mom, are the other 2 still in the will?! That wasn't a misspelling, that was poetic license.

cmm said...

I was here. I enjoy reading your blog! I get on every week or so and read all the days I haven't read yet. By the way, your mother is a riot!

awb said...

Oh yeah CMM, she's a riot! She's actually a lot of things when given the chance, always has been for me! Thanks for the note,


froggysoprano said...

What other two? I am trying to spend it all, I know I can always live with you, I don't know where your father will live, maybe with those other two. After today , relax and get your strength back. I know you are tired so listen to your body. No smart ass remarks! Luv , Mom