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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Gardening Blues, and Overwhelming Fatigue

Today was a tough one. I'd like to say I didn't feel like myself, but that would be a lie. Sadly I felt just like myself, no breaks from that. I was going to go out in the yard and finish planting the idiot garden, it was a beautiful day and I wanted to take advantage of it, no go. I am so totally out of gas that that I'm useless, I mean even more then normal.

I dragged the leg today even with the brace on. I have been wearing the brace to work outside because the leg is too weak to work with the stimulator yet. I need to start getting help with the early stages of things like the garden, weeding, moving, and building. To top things off, my back is acting up, feels like a hot poker is...well it's someplace it doesn't belong.

My hands are really bothering me, yes, my hands, plural. Everything is acting up, either rebelling against me wanting a life, or the normal progression of things. My eyes are giving me a fit, not wanting to focus in, and that annoying little thing they do, that flash to black when I stand up. Cranky said it best, I'm taking my ball and my bat and I'm going home. Thanks Cartman, I should have listened earlier. The next few days will be supervisory at best, maybe from my bed, barking orders with my cell phone, the world will appreciate that.


Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Are you by chance having an exacerbation. It sure sounds like it. Either way... I understand how you feel. The worse part of this disease is that your brain and thoughts and ambitions are there but your body just can't do what we want to do. It Sucks... But either way... I know that you will have many days that are "good" and you will be able to get out there and do that gardening. It is called "BABY STEPS".
Take care of yourself today!!! And when you have those good days take pictures of your accomplishments so we can see that beautiful garden!!!

awb said...

It's quite possible this could be an exacerbation, they don't seem to away anymore, instead they just linger until the next one comes. I'm working on the baby steps, haven't mastered it yet!

Pictures will definitely be coming when the idiot garden is in place, thanks for stopping by,