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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beard or No Beard

A sure sign you have too much time on your hands!


Anne said...

Makes you look thinner!

awb said...

Really? I thought the camera added 5 or 100 lbs?

Cranky said...

Andy - I think the shorter hair looks better (though I know you weren't asking that!). I prefer full beard (pic 1) or clean-shaven.

Which pic is the current state?

awb said...

I am currently clean shaven, but tomorrow is always another day! When I stopped working I had a crew cut, when my retirement was finalized I had a ponytail! My mother told me I had to cut my hair and shave, how can you argue with that?


So, is the clean-shaven photo the most recent one? If so, keep it cause you look the youngest and most relaxed in that photo.

If you're going for a unique style element, then the 2nd photo is the one. I like how the shape of the beard complements the V-neck opening of the shirt.

Fun photos.

awb said...

The top photo is my "I'm going to the mall to beg for quarters" look. Amazing what you will do for entertainment!

So do you have a new blog? I saw on twitter you were doing something.


The new blog is connected to the meeting some of us had at my PT's office on Thursday.

We're going to become a support group for each other, focusing on exercise, weight, and overcoming obstacles which MS has placed in the way.

Some of the ladies are in wheelchairs full-time. Some are in a chair for distance. A few are like me who are mobile but overcoming deconditioning.

We needed a way to connect outside of the PT office and I suggested setting up a private blog. This way we can be completely open about progress and struggles, and share information we find to help each other.

One of my challenges is this thing called body fat which according to one of those BMI-measuring devices comes in at about 40% body fat. Yikes.

But, hey. I walked for almost a mile in "real world" conditions on Saturday. Of course, today is the first day where I feel almost recovered from it (and the rest of the long day that went with it).

So that's the scoop.

awb said...

That's a great idea, I hope it's a success for all of you.

I would be scared to do the BMI thing for fear of making it explode!

Libby said...

hey, andy, i vote for pic 2...but maybe that's my rebellious-ness coming out?

awb said...

As you can tell by the pictures, I have no rebellious side!


cmm said...

You do look younger and thinner in picture 4. I like the short hair, picture 4, but LOVE a trim beard so I could with picture 3 or 4 for the face!

awb said...

Do you realize how many people said I didn't look AS fat in this picture or that one? I just got that!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the clean cut look, you look scruffy with all that hair but what do I know? I'll give you a dollar if you keep the hair looking so nice and clean, or kick your rear id you go back to hairy. Love, Mom