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Sunday, April 19, 2009

MS Walk Towson, Mounting Fatigue, and Another Slow Day in Baltimore

Today was a total washout, bit off more than I could chew yesterday. This is one of the biggest parts I resent about MS, the way it lets you forget for a few minutes, then slaps you upside the head! I had fun yesterday in the yard, but paid the price today.

I meant to go to the MS walk to see the friends who did the walk in my honor, but I didn't make it. I woke up this morning to a body that was screaming to be left alone, and it's a scream I've heard before, and one that can't be ignored. It's been a slow day. The team of 4, plus a few children in strollers did the walk, dressed in Orioles orange, thanks ladies.

The brother came over and moved 3 bushes for me, it was a huge help. What he did in 45 minutes would have taken me all day, and cost a few days recovery. The thing that is looming off in the distance, is the time when my normal few days to recover are gone. It's happened before, and unfortunately it will happen again.

The wife is off tomorrow, we have goads of things to do! We are going to do some banking stuff, move this here, put that there. She obviously is the brains in the outfit, I just don't know what my role is? We are going to get my tomato plants too, it's time to put them in the tubs. I think this may call for a trip to Andy Nelson's for lunch, smoked meat lunch, does it get any better then that?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it pisses me off too to feel so dragged out from doing enjoyable activities.

I myself worked Saturday night, slept all day yesterday, am doing my blog visiting, and then I am off to bed again and will probably waste all day today too.

Pisses me off!

awb said...

I know what you mean, it just isn't right, but we plug on, or give up the things we love! Stinks megally. (My new word)

Slammermike said...

Andy Nelson's is GREAT!!!

awb said...

There use to be a guy named Andy Nelson that played for the Colts.

Slammermike said...

He is the same guy. He is from South Carolina and that is where his pulled pork comes from

Anonymous said...

Does Mike know you already knew about Andy Nelson? You are bad!

awb said...