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Monday, March 30, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Statins For Demyelination, and Idiot Gardening Begins

I've been thinking about statins lately, wondering what they would do for people with MS, people like me. When the experts talk about statins cleaning the plaque out of arteries, is it the same plaque as the lesions on my brain and spinal cord? If it is, how much would I have to take to get rid of mine? The experts are split, some say it helps, some say it actually make it worse! I wonder if anyone has every opened an MS dude up and tried to scrape the plaque off the brain or spinal cord? If they did try it, I sure hope it was someone who left their body to science, not some some poor soul who thought they were in for a check up!

I planned out my 2009 idiot garden, I'm ready to rock and roll! I am growing everything in 8, 18 gallon tubs. 3 of them will have tomatoes, 6 plants in all, 1 tub of green, red, and yellow bell peppers, 2 of each, a tub each of green beans and peas, 16 plants each, and 2 tubs of mix leaf lettuce, 8 plants each. I will also have a few 5 gallon containers, one each of honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon, and then herbs too in 3 and 5 gallon containers. I can't wait for tomato sammiches! Wait a minute, I'm going to need to make a ninth tub for Kirby pickling cucumbers, gotsta have bread and buttter pickles, and Slammers garlic dills! I can almost taste everything now!


Libby said...

oh, tomato sammiches sound heavenly, especially 'real' tomatoes, not California, Florida, or hydroponics!! yum! and they have to have miracle whip, not real mayonnaise!

awb said...

Now why you want to go and ruin a perfectly good tomato sammiche with Miracle Whip? White bread, I know, Satan's own, toasted with just a schmear of mayo, freshly ground pepper and sea salt! I think I may have just drooled?

Anne said...

Hi there. Found you thru Herrad's blog.

I wanted to mention to you about statins. They help fight inflammation in the body and my doc said Pravachol would be a good idea for me.

However, hate to burst your bubble but the plaque in your arteries is not the same plaque as in your MS parts. Sorry about that.

And I agree, Miracle Whip is totally ruining a good tomato sammich.

Check out by blog for some more MSers. They would enjoy your blog too. I am putting you on my blogroll so others will find you too.


awb said...

I had a feeling things like that were too easy. As for my bubbles, someone else beat you to the bursting!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, it's nice to know people are looking!