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Monday, February 9, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Physical Therapy, Family, and Ocean City Hear We Come

Spent the day with the father-in-law, always a pleasure. He showed me how to play electrician. We replaced one of the outlets in the boy's room, it was loose. When I say loose, I don't mean the outlet was going to fall out of the wall, but rather the part of the plug that the plug plugs into was loose. I was worried because it was so loose it was going to start a fire. We also put a new thermostat in, a programmable one. I set all the days, all the times, and fixed the energy star settings. I mean what is the deal with having it set on 70 degrees, is this the tropics!

Physical therapy tomorrow, I may get my new brace? I am going to have to tell the PT therapist my back is killing me! Hopefully she will be able to stretch me out, and leave my back alone. I went one time to a chiropractor who told me he could guarantee me some relief with the pain in my legs. He was giving me a free exam, looking me over from head to toe so he could tell me what my major malfunction was. He told me I slumped my shoulders a bit, stood too much on my one leg, my spine looked good, and oh yeah, did you know you have a bulging disk? With that he sunk his thumb deep into my spine, dropping me to the floor like I had been shot from the grassy knoll! 3 weeks later I was back on my feet with minimal pain, so the PT therapist has to promise to be gentle.

This weekend is our annual pilgrimage to Ocean City for our pagan ritual that we call Presidents weekend. We have gone for years now, I think it is 9 or 10 couples going this year, all the gang from work. We have a blast! We see who can tell the best story, tell the biggest lie, who did the dumbest things, which boss we hated the most. The boss is a toss up, I usually place up at the top for dumbest thing done, I slipped on glue on time, not so easy to do. We go out, we sit around, we laugh, we have fun being together. We have been through the complete spectrum together, and look forward to the next adventure, as well as the next challenge. I am fortunate to be a part of such a great group, and I appreciate the last 25+ years.


herrad said...


The trip to Ocean City sounds good hope it was better.

Also playing electrician and the physio but the chiropracter sounded horrible.

Take care.

Slammermike said...

AHHH. Ocean City here we come. A lot of talk about it this weekend at work. Everyone seems to be really looking forward to it this year.
I do believe the glue story is one of the best stories out there. It always seems to have everyone laughing so hard they end up crying.

It is without a doubt the best bunch of people you could hope to be associated with.

We've had a blast but we have also accomplished so much together as a group. Became our own bargaining group, Knocked 10 years off the required time to retire, fund raisers, retirement parties, Christmas parties, adopting families at Christmas, Appreciation Dinners, Political events, softball, volleyball, baseball games, Pub Nights, Crab Feasts, BFD Parties. Survived 8 years of storming Norman, weddings, divorces, births and deaths. You can always count on everyone being there when you need it.

awb said...

Didn't we have a stripper or a hooker on the volleyball team?

Herrad, it was horrible at the chiropractor, and we will have a blast at the ocean. Take care.