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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Rebif Injections, and Rude People Sucking the Life Out of Me

I had my eval for OT, occupational therapy, and it was cake, as in a piece of. The girl was very sweet, born the month after I got married, so she is a girl. She put me through the paces, hand dynamometor, finger games, asked me if I had problems forgetting things, I of course told her I didn't remember. I have 1/4 the strength with my right hand and arm that I have with the left. She asked what I was looking to gain with therapy and I told her I was looking to regain some strength, but more importantly some dexterity. She seemed surprised that I was functioning at such a "high level", made me chuckle.

Vitamin D night, as well as injection night, and the injection did not go well! I manually inject my legs, mainly because I don't have much padding there and the auto inject goes too deep. Tonight I did something wrong and it hurt like hell! I had to pull it out and start over again. Now I have got to tell you, I don't like the shots, but I've resigned myself they aren't going anywhere, so suck it up and just do it! That doesn't apply to days that you have to redo the stick. Those nights are like a get out of jail free card, I let myself have free run of a good whine. I made more of a fuss than Lincoln at Fords theater, and the entire house knew it. It made me feel better.

I've never smacked an old lady, wanted to, but never have. I was tempted to give it to this old bat at Panera bread this morning. Picture this, I go in through the first set of double doors, open the second set, and there stands this woman and her friend. They are 25 feet away from the register, there is only one person at the register, and they have the entrance blocked with their rather ample girth. I politely asked if they were in line, and she informed they were, but they didn't feel the need to crowd the people in front of them, unlike me. Whaaaaaa? As she turns to to be rude to me, the guy that ran the stop sign and almost hit me went past her to the front of the line. I'm not a huge fan of people, today was no exception.


Anonymous said...

You should have smacked the woman!!

About the injection - you are my hero!! No Susie Sunshine today. It hurt - you should whine and whine a lot. It made me feel better!


Slammermike said...

Maybe those 2 cows were just grazing and not ready to step up to the trough.

awb said...

I pride myself in being a respectful person, but I wanted to Gerber slap that one!

Anonymous said...

What is a Gerber slap?

awb said...

It's when you slap someone, slap them hard, on the back of the head to disorient them, so as to gain control. The secret is not to slap them so hard that their eyes or false teeth pop out.