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Monday, December 15, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Rituxan Therapy, Allergy Tests, and The NFL

I went for the food allergy tests today, the doctor was a nice guy, but he told me up front he didn't think there was anything he could do for me. I appreciate it when docs are willing to tell you that up front, but even more so when are still willing to give it a try. I explained to him my situation, and he seemed to understand why I was there. After the test I went into his office, he explained there were no food allergies, but suggested I look into Rituxan, just for another option. The only problem I see with that is it appears to be aimed at relapsing remitting.

Great, it's not for me, I have been told I now have secondary progressive, rats! Take a look at that last link, I love that first graph, what in the hell does that tell me? As of February 13th this year, the studies haven't started for SPMS, but they were getting ready to start for primary progressive, for what that's worth. The numbers are huge! Some of the studies evidently show benefits to 90% of the people that participate. Why did my allergist guy tell me about this, but not my neuros? There is a glitch in the system when you feel like you need to gather information to take to your doctor!

The NFL is in my bad graces, I may have to stop watching it again. This instant replay is out of control, what does irrefutable mean anyway? The dance party has gotten out of control, it happens after every play, and appears to even be rehearsed now. The Redskins guy cost his team 15 yards after a touchdown, and knew it, even shook his head at the referee. Go team! I want to see what we think if all jobs react the way football players do. What would you do if the guy at Starbucks poured your morning cup of joe, then moon walked and spiked his towel? He'd look like a real idiot! So do the football players, and why can't they drink out of a water bottle without the help of some skinny little guy, can't they figure out how they work?


Slammermike said...

Maybe all of your doctors could hi 5 each other when they nail your cure. Or when the OBGYN successfully delivers a baby they'll spike it.
Of course it would be nice if the election board took the 1990 & 1994 Sheriff's elections under further review.

awb said...

I feel like I'm getting spiked everyday!