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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hospital Gowns, One Size Fits All, and Jello Legs

I was reading a blog today and it made me laugh, made me laugh like there was something wrong with me. They were complaining about those little hospital gowns they give you, the one size fits all things. I remember one time getting hurt at work, fell off a bar stool or something, and ended up in the hospital for X-rays. I was in the Sheriff's Department and we were there with a prisoner, who also got injured. A few of the other guys were responsible for the prisoner, and I was left alone to fend for myself.

My name was called, and it was time for me to go get my shoulder X-rayed, there was only one problem. Like I said, they left me all alone, just me, my one size fits all hospital gown, and all my equipment for work. I knew I couldn't leave my weapon in the waiting room, that part was easy, but all the other things were a problem too. Picture this. I throw open the curtain to my cubicle, step out in the emergency room wearing my gown, my black shoes and socks, my gun belt over the gown, and my hat! I was a huge hit with all the other patients, not to mention the guys I worked with! The hospital staff threatened to throw us out of the hospital if they didn't stop the cat calls!

I went today and helped the father in law buy a new computer, he was an engineer, so there are always a lot of questions. We had a good time, but once again he outlasted me. All the standing, the waiting, and the milling about took their toll on me. My legs are jello, and he probably went to the gym. I have to get better at remembering I'm no longer Superman, and it's OK to go sit down. It's not that I try to fight it, it's more that I don't remember to do it. I should have asked the father in law, he would have gone and found me a chair, bummer!

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Slammermike said...

You were a sight that day. I think the nurses wanted to put you on their Law Man Calendar. Probably Mr. February since it is the shortest month.
What I remember most vividly is that the one size fits all gown did not quite handle the job. Just like when I try to wear one of those things.
So as you proudly strode down to x-ray you looked impressive, until you passed and you had a bigger gap in the back than Michael Straham. There was definitely a full moon that day.