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Monday, December 1, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, LDN, Vitamin D, and A One Stop Doctor

Tomorrow is a check up with my PCP, she wanted me to come back after 2 months on the LDN she agreed to give me. She made me sign a paper saying it was my idea to start it, that was cool with me. The problem is I am going to have to tell her that after 3 months of asking her every time we talked, which was frequently during that period, that I haven't started taking it yet! It wasn't an arbitrary, or a capricious decision not to take it, it was more of a scheduling problem between her, and the 2 neuros. I'm fairly confident she won't rake me over the coals too bad, but I will understand if she is confused.

I'm having a hard time keeping track with what direction I'm flaring off in, I can't expect someone else to stay up to date. It wouldn't be so hard to keep in step if I could get one doc to do all the things I want them to do. Here I decided not to start the LDN because the neuros wanted me to do vitamin D first. I dropped the ball on that one, I wasn't aware the D was more for people at risk to get MS, not for old pros like me that have been dancing the dance for over 20 years. I say that because the information from the neuros says so, not my opinion. I suppose I will ask her to do blood work for a drug the neuro gave me, nah!

I plan on asking her if she will take over it all tomorrow, tell her she won the contest and I choose her. I'm sure she will be impressed with that! My old doc did it that way, he took care of everything, then ran it past my current neuro, who happens to be my original neuro. I miss that doc, he was great, he passed away under curious circumstances, so he isn't an option. My current PCP is every bit as good as my old doc, maybe better, so I would love to work it all through her. She told me she was open to trying some of these things with me, that's all I'm looking for, a chance to try something new.


Anonymous said...

funny, my pcp suggested vit. d and ldn, my neuro poo-poo-ed both. he said sure, go ahead, there's no harm in them. i've started mega-dosing the d, and i'm calling the compounding pharmacy tomorrow to see if they'll do ldn. this is the first time i've been offered anything that might actually make things better. that's the hope anyway.

awb said...

I agree, go for all of it. My problem is doing more than one at a time. If there is a problem, I want to know what caused it. If it works, I don't care which one it is! I have the LDN in the medicine cabinet, just waiting to launch. Hope is always a good thing, and it's about time!

froggysoprano said...

I don't remember if quinine was a script or not. Easy to find out. Why not go for the LDN, you might get results you are looking for. Who knows your body better?

awb said...

I'm going to eat a banana dipped in quinine just before bedtime. Between the 2, that should get me started, right maw?