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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Food Allergies, and Eating Real Food

I'm on a real food kick, thinking food is the root of all evil, or at least the root to all my evil. I go Monday for my food allergy tests. I was talking to the mother today, she told me she hoped I was allergic to all my favorite foods and could never eat them again, or did she say that would be horrible, I can't remember? They told me to be prepared to be there up to 4 hours. I told the wife I wasn't sure if I could eat for 4 hours straight, she told me she didn't think they did it that way. What does she think they do, give me needles?

I did talk to the mother tonight, she told me she hoped all went well, and they didn't find anything. That sounds good, but like I told her, the more they find nothing to be causing this mess, the less chance I have at figuring a way of getting rid of these shots, and getting a little bit of relief. I will take a Roger McDougal type story and have a total remission of the ms, but anything at all would be appreciated. I probably am allergic to some of the crap they put in food these days, I just don't know if that will be something they look for.

I keep seeing the phrase, eat like your great grandmother did. I laughed the first time I saw it, but then I started to read a little bit about it. We aren't eating very well as a people, all of this prepackaged food, ready to eat, never goes bad. Morgan Spurlock did an experiment with fast food, the french fries were scary! I wonder how much preservatives you have to put into food to have that happen? We have to be better off eating real food, not food stuff, and also cutting down on all forms of sugar. Thank God there is little or no sugar in pie!


froggysoprano said...

My grandparents on both sides had farms. Everything we ate during the war was fresh. Bread was homemade, meat was frsh except for things like ham. I think only salt was used to preserve it. My mother's family had no electricity or indoor plumbing until the early 50's, they lived on the water in Virginia and had fresh seafood all year round, they all had forms of heart disease but I think it was because they fried everything because the stove was awoodstove. Imagine cooking on one. My mother had breast cancer, but her eating habits were different from her siblings. She ate a lot of more modern foods after she married and moved to Baltimore. I would like to know if that was the reason she was the only one of her family who had cancer. It makes you think. Why do some ethnic groups stay thin and healthy until they come to America and change their eating habits. Maybe you have hit on something to be explored with MS, do people eat their way to certain illnesses. Can it be reversed? let's hope so.

awb said...

There's heart decease too? I just can't catch a break!

froggysoprano said...

Think of it this way, don't we all die of heart failure? Let others worry about that one. You have enough on your plate.

awb said...

I'm with you Froggy, damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead! I'm cooking with lard tonight!