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Monday, December 8, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Epstein-Barr Virus, and More Research

I was only on a rant yesterday with the information I asked about as to the Epstein-Barr virus, little did I know I was right! Let me sort this out in mind then, figure out what is real, and what I just figured. EBV is not mono mononucleosis in all people. Up to 95% of us may be infected with EBV by the time we are 40 years old. Many small children become infected with EBV and show no signs distinguishable from other childhood illness. EBV in adolescence, or early adulthood can cause infectious mono mononucleosis, but only 35-50% of the time.

EBV does in fact have the ability to lay dormant in ones cells for the rest of your life. I'm particularly interested in how the onset of mono, and your age are significant as to the severity of the mono, and also the correlation with MS in later years. Dr Iannelli says the older you are when mono hits, the more severe it will be as compared to that of say a toddler. All of this information was also in a comment from Lisa Emrich, thanks Lisa.

Other studies show that the severity of the initial infection is more important than the age you are when it occurs. Could that explain why I was 8 when I had mono, and I also developed MS later? Who knows, not me, that's for sure. What can be done to try to fix my system, reset it even. Can the EBV be gotten rid of, purged? Isn't there a tea I can drink to make that happen? I suppose I need to sit, wait, and hope the right people get money for research


froggy soprano said...

There is a school of thought saying, older kids who get mono have more severe cases than younger kids. My old docot who is no longer with us, told me to take my 8 year old on vacation to the beach, the next day. he said college kids who turn up with the severe cases don't have a parent who will watch to see that the young person takes care of health. A young 8 year old has parents in insure they get good care. plenty of rest and a good diet. I have 2 cousins who were hospitalized at the beginning of their college days . If they had staill been at home it probably wouldn't have progressed to that stage. There are so many ifs about anything in science that can be argued both ways because there is no set answer. So keep trying.


So glad you found all that information. Now go look for the research which is identifying how a particular genetic defect in the immune system will make someone's body react differently to that EBV hidden in the cells and triggers MS (possibly).

Interesting stuff really. (oh, and psst, could I get a link to Brass and Ivory in your kind mention above. Pretty please? mwah)

awb said...

Hey Froglet, I learned at an early age to always look for more, and I don't just mean food. I want to invent a magnet that pulls all the crap out of my body. They call MS a heavy metal decease, it should work then!

awb said...

It is interesting, I just wish it was how to win the lottery I was looking at instead of this. Sorry about the lack of linkage, I thought I already had, head full of puddin!