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Friday, November 14, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Handicapped Tags, and Parking Problems

Whoever, or is it whomever, I was never sure which one, just like then and than. Here in my living room, today at least, it is whoever, so whoever came up with the idea of handicapped parking spots had their fellow man in mind, didn't they? I whined about the fact that too many people have them, and that they tend to drive with them still hanging, if the driver is over 70. I had a comment on an old post about the tags that has a handy dandy new invention to keep track of your tag, now people can drive with it right in the middle of their face, instead of over off the rear view!

So I appreciate the person who came up with the spots, but what about the spots themselves? Our one shopping center has them in groups of 2 all the way down the length of the parking lot. The problem is there is no break in the curb, the high curb, that has a little strip of I guess what was supposed to be grass, but is a deep crater, that I for one, don't try. They lose my patronage, I know, they feel it, I'm having an impact!

Cart returns are another good one. They usually have anywhere from 2 to 6 cart drop off stations in the lot, good form! The problem is they feng shui the placement of the drop offs. You either forgo the special spot to be near a drop off, or you walk to the drop off, and then back to your car. The other option is to just leave the cart sitting where you parked, free to roll around, or take up a spot.

For me, the parking spots aren't about saving the walk from the car to the front door, it's more about the size of the spots themselves. I wear this brace, and it has put a crimp on my flexibility, so tight parking spots make it hard to get in and out. The extra area between the spots is a big help for me. Let's be honest, if you are still walking, and you go to the mall, you didn't park in a handicapped spot to save on walking. Come on, you know it! You parked there because there are usually spots open, and they are right by the entrance, and it's more convenient. Sure, Christmas time, if you can park in one of the spots, go in hit one store, big savings one walking, but not to go strolling the mall.

Last whine for the day has to do with people that park in the spots and the person who is the reason for the tag stays in the car! I went to vote and the poll workers all had the handicapped spots taken up, just struck me as funny. So you go to the grocery store and you watch the guy park with his grandmother, run, literally, into the store. Chances are he ain't the reason for the tag. I see a gym teacher I had in high school all the time parked in the handicapped spots. He is usually on his way to play golf or tennis. I didn't like him when I was a kid, so I hope he is in real need of one of the spots real soon!


Slammermike said...

I couldn't agree with you more. They are great to have but sometimes the handicap spots are poorly thought out. When I was using my wheely cart because I could not walk, I went to a store that had handicap parking right up front, the spot was on the end so there was plenty of room for me and my cart. But when I went to go into the store there was no ramp to roll up and the curb seemed higher than normal. I negotiated the curb and did my business. Then when I came out I had to negotiate the curb again this time with a bag in my hand. Well I failed to note the grade on the parking lot when I went in but when I came out just as I tried to go off the curb I realized the parking lot was a pretty steep hill going away from my car. So as I went off the curb the wheely cart took off with me across the lot heading toward York Road. Well the brake on that thing isn't made to stop on a dime so by the time I stopped I had to turn around and push my way back up the hill to the car. It was quite a ride for a quarter. What a hoot

awb said...

There is a picture, you like a runaway train across the parking lot! The good news is your jungle training would have kicked in before you went into York Rd, forcing you into a tuck and roll, stopping in a combat stance, just as the cart sailed right out there, just sailed right out, before bursting into flames!