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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

$1 Crabs, Multiple Sclerosis, and Attitude

Do you know the best thing about eating crabs? They fit on almost every diet I have ever heard of, as long as you eat them in moderation that is. The other good things is you can still get them at $1 crab night prices! Oh how I love a bargain, but even better, whether Swank, Atkins, or just cutting back, I don't have to prepare anything! I called Bill's Seafood this morning at around 11 and got 18 of the last 21 male crabs in the $1 crab category. Swish! I'd rather be lucky then good.

The diet goes well, I even think my legs are catching on to what I'm trying to do, they seem to be waking up a little bit. That may sound better then it really is, because they hurt now that the slumber has ended. The right hand is doing better, feels a little stronger too. Now I don't know if this is diet related, or possibly the D therapy that caused it, or if it had anything to do with it at all. Of course between that last line and now, we ate the crabs, and the right hand is dead! So much for a good attitude.

MS is all about attitude, or so I think, or is it what I was told? Don't get me wrong, I can piss and moan with the best of them, but I do think it's important to be upbeat. I feel bad almost everyday, no, it is everyday actually. I complain here everyday, but I don't do it in person. In real time you would think I was the toughest guy in the world, not a care in the world! Here's the thing, this isn't real time, and I don't feel good! That was cleansing, I think I will go up Jerusalem Farms tomorrow and lay in the field and watch birds?


Abby said...

Hey there,

In answer to your question, I've never had mono, either as a child or an adult. I was just recently diagnosed at age 36, although the symptoms started a few years ago. I just didn't know what it was!!

Take care!

awb said...

Thanks Abbey, I'm always on the look for a possible cause. I was diagnosed 21 years ago, have had problems the neuros say were probably the MS for at least 25. I still think some of my problems are other things! Thanks.

Slammermike said...

The one bad thing about crabs is that they are hard to eat while driving. Not like steamed shrimp. They are always great to eat while driving on the road.