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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis, Diet, and Alternative Heat

It was a better day today, I'll take it. Now I need to string a few of these together, say a few years worth. Now I'm not claiming to be ready to dance a jig or anything, but I can handle this. My right hand was more usable, still not much feeling or strength, but usable just the same. Do I need to exercise it to see if I can shock it back into working? Maybe I need to start juggling again, and yes, I do know how to juggle! The legs were a little more snappy too, so I'm diggin it.

I'm in the swing with this food thing too. The green leafies are going OK, I'm still searching for all the different ways to go. The pork and sauerkraut I had yesterday was awesome! I want to make some of my own kraut this winter, give it some real bite. Halloween was a really dumb time to start a no sugar way of eating, plus tonight was dinner the sister in laws house to celebrate the fall birthdays. No birthday cake for me, no dump cake I think the one was called, and no ice cream. Everyone has bowls of those mini candy bars I love to eat, and can polish off bowls all by myself. Hey, maybe that's why I needed to do this?

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, yeah! I need to get into a more normal routine, less pissing and moaning. I will still piss and moan, but how about I do it a little less? I'm going to finish the bathroom this week, and I have some design time that needs to be spent on the solar heaters. I have to stop dragging my feet, it's going to be cold soon. I was looking today at this heater by EdenPure. The ad says you can save 50% on your heating bills by using this product, and at under $400, it also tells me you can recoup your money in a few weeks. It has to be true, Paul Harvey endorsed it for Pete's sake!


Slammermike said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the purpose of these different diets to help you stop dragging your feet???

I'm such a smart ass

awb said...

I thought so too, and you are a smart ass!